So Much to Say...

Actually not really... Lots of random thoughts.

Today's picture isn't quite Ivanka Trump, but it's still worth a long look. Instead of a carefully coifed billionairess it's a cosmic hand.

See it reaching for the light. It's real, no some movie special effect. It's just this big hand in space reaching through the heavens. Maybe it's God containing an outburst of hell. Maybe it's the invisible hand at work on our economy (bettet get busy). Maybe it's Odin scooping a pot from the trickster Loki. Who knows. It happened 17,000 years ago and the light is only just now getting here for us to see it.

Speaking of pretty pictures the Honest Player and the Southpaw Rounder have gotten us a couple of logos. I like what we see so far. I dare say we might just have some gear to hand out when poker comes home to the New Orleans Circuit Event. This day is long in coming.

Maybe I should have bullet pointed this randomness.

Watched High-Stakes Poker it was good. There is a write up of a hand where Phil Laak schools Sam Simon badly. Read it Here.

Watched Celebrity Apprentice... wrote about it below.

Wicked Chops makes an interesting connection. A. Dikshit pays off the U.S. Government. PartyGaming pays off the U.S. government. WSOP/Harrahs hires a former PartyGaming CEO to oversee their website. As they said.... Hmmmmmm...

The SCOOP concluded. PokerKing has a good write up here.

Did my taxes. Don't need an extension. I'm in the minority. Sent if off certified mail. Read a tale about a couple that sent it certified mail to the IRS instead of their accountant and regreted it. Don't have the link.

Wonder where NioNio went to? You know the infamous superuser. Who was that guy anyway. Has he shown up in a polish zoo?

Haven't talked too much about poker have I. Hmmm... my bad. Tomorrow I'm going to the casino. I will not be playing blackjack. I will be playing the weekly poker tournament. I have played some online recently that's online poker not online blackjack. I have yet to play online blackjack, but when I do play blackjack online, I will do it here. That wasn't really about poker at all was it? Just some random verbiage about online blackjack. The invisible cosmic hand at work again... trying to scoop a pot.


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