"Annie Duke is Hitler"

So sayeth Joan Rivers. Okay, she didn't call Annie Duke Hitler, but she did compare her behavior in the boardroom to Hitler at Buchenwald. Incidentally, oddly enough that behavior was... good (?)

Duke and Rivers traded barbs and shots in the boardroom, including the much teased, "She'd spit on the ground to drown her mother if it would get her a step forward." That was Joan to Annie. Annie to her credit remained composed and about as dignified as one could be when being compared to the architecht of the Holocaust.

Joan also continued to spit out the words "poker player" like it was an insult and explained Annie's alledged duplicitious behavior. So poker players you are in good company: Hitler.

Strangely enough, Melissa Rivers stood up for Mamma Duke, and said she wasn't a bad person and in fact is a great game player. The best or worst line of the night, depending on your perspective, might have been when Duke was busy patting herself on the back for being able to cook. While extolling her positives to Brandi Roderick, she also told the world and her watching children she gives a great BJ.

At the end of the day, Annie has an enemy for life. Joan Rivers is shown next week calling Brandi Roderick a dumb blond, and the tease is Rivers Delivers.

Okay... I'm hooked. This is delicious. Even without the understory about Duke selling poker or Rivers slamming it, this is high drama. Trump also knows a good thing when he sees it. He kept Rivers, her daughter who my opinion changes of her from moment to moment, and Duke around. I believe it could very well be a Joan Rivers vs. Annie Duke final. Sandra Bulluck's husband Jesse James has a great chance to be there based on merit so we'll see. He's probably a secret poker player because even if he doesn't know poker strategy he's got a good game plan.



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