My Life on Tape Delay

Alright maybe not tape delay the stuff that matters, though it would be nice if I could TiVo some of these tournaments I play in and fast forward to the end to see how I fared. Would make patience easier huh? Though it's not the destination it's the journey, the trite quote that rattles around my skull when I've been card dead in a large Multi-table tournament and I feel boredom onset.

Maybe it's my background in soccer where they will be long spells of inactivity (especially as the up striker or goalkeeper), where as a really young kid, my attention would be diverted to a buzzing bee or the soccer moms on the sideline, but as I got older I'd stay focused knowing that in that sport suddenly there would be a spurt of action that would determine the outcome of the game. You don't know when it's going to come but you have to be ready when it does. That's tournament poker (okay deep stack tournament poker).

Alright, that's a typical tangent for me. I'll stay on soccer for another paragraph or two, honest player skip ahead. After touting the EPL and Champions Leagues a few weeks ago, I've sinced watched two of the better games I've ever seen. Liverpool involved in both (vs. Chelsea in the Champions League 4-4 with so many twists and turns, bad beats, and hero plays you'd think you were watching a final table of the top ten LAGs in the world, and vs. Arsenal in the Premier League again a 4-4 scoreline). Not quite the trick plays of say Boise State-Oklahoma or the Cinderella winning, but pretty comparable in terms of late game heroics.

If had taken 5 of my friends that hate soccer and got them to put a bet on either side I guarantee you they would have discovered a newfound appreciation for the sport and maybe even try it again without a wager (though they'd never admit it). Oh yeah, and Man U, F that lot, they pull victory out of the jaws of defeat time after time these last two weeks. It's crazy. This week down 2-0 halfway through the second half they win 5-2. I just need them to lose one game before the end of the season and though they tease me every week, they don't capitulate.

Okay back to tape delay. I got Celebrity Apprentice cued up for watching and will write up a post about Rivers who Delivers as soon as I do. Watching out Annie Duke because apparently Rivers trashing all of pokerdom again. I watch high stakes poker on the internet and I'm waiting for it to post to YouTube--so again, I'm on a tape delay holding pattern.

Last night I watched Quantam of Solace. Much better than all the bad reviews that panned it. Daniel Craig is a mix of Sean Connery and Steve McQueen. While not losing to a one outer straight flush (like McQueen did in the Cincinnati Kid) the first Bond movie Casino Royale's poker had I believe a hand like this:

Anyway, the terrible poker narrative in Casino Royale made me not appreciate the rest of the movie. Oddly, without it in QofS I appreciated Craig's more brutish Bond and the wannabe Bourne action a lot better. As this was essentially the second half to Casino Royale, I had forgotten many of the dangling plot-lines and just what happened in the first (maybe that was a good thing) so I didn't bother trying to immerse myself in the storyarc and enjoyed the action. Might watch Casino Royale and fast foward through the poker again.

My friend arrives tomorrow for Jazzfest and our usual poker binge we engage in whenever he's in town. That's really why I haven't played much the last week and a half, just prepping myself for the long week ahead. I'm mad, I keep missing Tex at Harrahs so hopefully, I'll see him this week. (Tex?) Last go around my out of town friend cashed in four straight tournaments playing pseudo-nit and I had exactly zero results.

He also exploited my softness for him on the cash tables. I didn't want to see him get roughed up, because he's a little wet behind the ears in terms of live poker, mostly playing home games, and sure enough the guy attacked me in pots. Plenty of other money on the table, I'd think as I laid down. If not for his affinity for roulette, he would have left a big time winner. Instead he left a moderate winner.

I don't know if he sits down to play online roulette though he does play online poker, but I don't think he quite gets the strategy behind online roulette or live roulette. I would think it's to win and not take huge chances. He seems to think it's to hit a one outer for a 30x profit. So this week, I'm going to do my best to keep him drifting from his profit center (the poker rooms) to his leaks (anywhere else in the casino).

We'll see as he also plans on playing some poker on my computer. If he decides to play roulette online it'll be hard for him to hide it from me. Might just record his sessions, and watch on tape delay his results. Course, if he decides to peruse some objectional sites while gambling, not sure I want to know about it.

So, my wife knows that for the next 7 days I'm about to check out, for the most part, and in effect my real life is going to be on tape delay. The latest round of activity from the thing in her belly kicking or punching, her expletives about me putting her in the position she's in, and all things baby will be picked up again next week.

Right now, the name we have selected for our boy is a family name, something I've wanted to name a son since I first thought about it years ago, and sure enough it's become the trendiest of the trendiest names--like overnight. Skyrocketing in popularity. I'm so aggravated. The second name, something I've been saving for my second son (I get the boys names... wifie gets the girls names) is Dean Smith xxx. On the Heels of another Tar Heel championship, I might have to use that one a little earlier.

Then a part of me, is like who cares if a name is trendy. I've had the name on deck for years, I should use it. Oh well. Anyway, I'm sure we'll get back to these type of mundane conversations next week. So for now, my entire life is about to go to tape delay. Wish me luck.


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