Lesson Learned

My buddy came in from New York on Tuesday. We played the am Harrahs tournament and saw Gene D, Davey and Alex T there. Alex chopped it with 7 players left. Nice 1k profit for him.

I don't even remember my hands from the day. I know I got AA once and a guy bluffed into me. I came over the top thinking I had trapped him and he insta-mucked. Damn. Hand I love to get value on early or just bust out with it. Not to be. If I flatted, he might have shoved on the turn. Board was fairly nonthreatening with straightish cards being my only worry but I didn't really give him credit for that... so bad play on me.

I got AK, hit my king and got two folds after the flop, for little.

My bust out hand after being card dead came when I was short on the button, featured Davey in the BB. A guy who had been mixing it up with him bet UTG and almost everybody called to me. I look at pocket 7s. I shoved and everybody folded, UTG insta-mucked which I was worried about, but part of me wanted him to shove with a hand like AQ and protect me, so I just had to sweat out a few other players.

A guy in late position stewed for a while. He called with pocket 8s. Even if he put me on Aces he was getting about the right price to call, since I was so short. With just me to beat and the guy after him telegraphing his fold he made the right decision. He flopped a full house. I hit mine on the river.

Eddie ran his pocket Jacks into pocket 10s in the tournament and a 10 hit the river.

Gene and Davey got into a big early hand (blinds 25 25) that I wanted to comment on. I believe this is what went down getting pieces from both players. Gene limped. Davey made it 5x. One guy called and Gene threw a $100 out there. He only had q6 suited. Had to put out $100 to win $300. Flop brought two spades (i think). Davey bet $700, other guy called. Gene had to call $700 to win $1800. He did.

Turn brought a Queen. Davey made a big raise. Other guy called. Gene followed suit. River was a spade. Gene made a smallish bet with his flush and Davey laid down pocket Kings.

If I remember or accurately put together this hand correctly, and I probably didn't, beside Gene's loose limp, I don't think he did too much wrong. Let's go with this fact statement as accurate, if it's wrong I reserve the right to change my opinion (obviously).

Gene said he was going to play a lot of early pots and try and hit early or go home. With that strategy that's exactly the kind result he's looking for. Davey's just too good a player to play back at him with pocket kings on the river. So, his opponent selection might cut down on his implied odds value when he did hit his hand. Thing is probably 7 or 8 other players at the table would double Gene up with Kings.

I disagree with Gene on strategy for a 5k chip tournament and don't play much too small ball early on out of position (course FullTilt strategy guide with a smallball player--Gavin Smith maybe wrote he could care less about position with that strategy... though I do take bigger/different risks at different points than I would in a deeper stack tournament. Personally, I think there are enough bad players to exploit to mix it up with a limp UTG with Q6. So no, I wouldn't explore with q6 suited utg... but that's a matter of preference I won't say it's necessary right vs. wrong.

I hope they blog about the hand because I would like to see their opinions on the hand. If my facts are incorrect, I'd like to see the bets sizes and actions to re-evaluate. At first blush, I thought Q6 under the gun was just a mistake, but when Gene told me he was playing to see a lot of flops cheaply and the caller in between kept giving him near the right price, I can see his viewpoint.

Okay, I basically said I was neutral about that hand, in my next post I am going to blog about a terrible hand I played. Essentially, I basically need a refresher course on how to play poker.



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