Short one...

I've gotten some sick, sick updates from Monkey in Tunica. His next blog will be interesting.

Some cliffnotes: he sat down in a room with a 96k jackpot, then was told to get up because the guy decided he didn't want to leave. Before he can gets re-seated somebody hits the jackpot.

Next he had kings flop came out 999. Turn was a king. His opponent held A9. Ow.

I'm headed to Austin on Thursday for a friend's wedding. It's an interesting affair to say the least. I'm not sure he's formally asked his wife yet for her hand in marriage. That's the way he... rolls.

I decided today to get the Absolute account off my computer and trash the software. Had some money left on it. What should I do? Play on a crooked site? Cash out? What would you do?

I'll be playing the Harrahs mid-week tomorrow morning. I won't be greedy this week. We'll see if I hit a set when I have to.

Alright, more to come tomorrow.


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