The Buck Stops Here... or here... or here?

It was Russ. Russ Hamilton. He bares all responsibility.

He acted independently and defrauded the company he was merely an advisor too. He cheated your friends out of millions of dollars. He was a rogue employee.

Yes. Just like Absolute Poker could not possibly have a cheating scandal. Nor could Ultimate Bet, remember, their security was airtight.

The Absolute guy, he too, was working by himself.

This smells like rotten fish.

Surely, a ton of evidence was presented to the investigators showing all things leading to Hamilton. Surely, everyone interviewed pointed fingers Hamilton's way. And in all likelihood the guy was complicit, but acting alone?

Come on. He's the latest sheep thrown to the wolves. He's the latest fall guy, and just maybe, him being a Main Event champion makes him a big enough name and a compelling enough figure to appease the masses.

Right now, you'd think the best thing to happen would be Russ Hamilton coming out and naming names and all those other criminals being exposed, but what if he is his own fall guy. I hope he talks and rats out everybody else. . . because if he doesn't the real story here, might be him offering himself on a silver platter to protect his own site (to which he is merely a "consultant").

It was Russ's fault. Okay, eveything back to normal. Please come back to our site and gamble. We are honest... now. Wonder if he'll keep drawing a check. Is he even looking at jail time? What jurisdiction? Without regulation or oversight is the company and Indian tribe outside the law? They pay a fine to who? The reservation? Doesn't half the reservation own the company anyway? Does anybody know who owns what?

This stinks like fetid feet.

Everything Absolute Poker or Ultimate Bet has done has smacked of obfuscation and hidden agendas. There is a shady and there is darkness. These guys have done the minimum until urged on to do more. Then it's a breadcrumb or two.

The guy in the AP scandal, isn't he sitting on a beach right now drinking daquiris? Is Russ Hamilton merely going to be forced into "early retirement" and joining him?

This stinks like roadkill.

Gamble on Absolute Poker or Hamilton Bet at your own risk. Sorry, Ultimate Bet, odd how many letters "Ultimate" and Russ Hamilton share huh? Remember these guys were printing money by owning an online casino and it wasn't enough for them. They had to go and screw it up by stealing from their "customers" or their marks. You think they won't get greedy enough to do it again? Once a thief always a thief.

This stinks like a heated Russ Hamilton.

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