Gustave update.

Sounds like GeneD made it out the storm okay. No power and minor roof damage. He is bunking up with a friend.

I'm still evacuated. Headed to Atlanta tomorrow for some football. Bringing the dogs so hopefully they'll be on their best behavior.

Couple of vendors for the wedding have been hard to get a hold of. Tried to get wedding insurance but nobody will sell to me if there are storms near the gulf.

Nothing much on the poker front. Will play some online as I'm jonesing a bit. Hope everybody else did well. Looking forward to receiving updates from the other bloggers once/if power is resotred. Hope anybody reading had minimal damage too.


Tiltin Texan said…
Wild Bill i have been getting my ass kicked from the gulfcoast to northern Miss. But nothing had got me tilted as much as your comments on my Cowboys. I got to get to
bed as I am leaving this shit hole town of Tunica early tom.,so I will reply more specically later. Just keep in mind that I feel I could kick Wild Bills ass but have my doubts about Super Bill.

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