Monkey Business


The 2+2 pages are alight with accusations about Monkey. My gut tells me he's in a pretty bad spot. He could be the ultimate con man and I'm his next victim or dupe, but I think he's the one that got scammed. Right now, I'm near a 100% he's not involved. While I won't be wiring anybody any money any time soon, I believe the guy.

He's told me he's willing to work with Jonathan Little about this and go to the authorities. Or work separately with the police to get this righted. I've advised him not to play this out in the forums at 2+2. The people that are involved in this doubt him, and he needs to regain their trust and show due diligence in getting the guys. If he's forthcoming in doing this, he should clear his name.

And if Jonathan Little is swayed, the rest of 2+2 will follow. Really, they are the only folks that should be involved. 2+2 needs to be aware of what's going on, so nobody else gets duped but Monkey doesn't need to get baited into spurious arguments that hurt his credibility. From this point on, he and Jonathan Little should be working with the police to solve this.

From a logic viewpoint, I don't see how anybody can think it's Monkey (maybe that's the genuis of it--if it is him, although looks like he wouldn't have made any money). This would be the dumbest possible scam, yet it's rgured he had the foresight to write that fake aim conversation and wire himself money in Peru (pending sight of the Western Union slip). They also suggest he and his girlfriend are one and the same. One rationale was because she referred to him as her fiancee people thought she was refering to herself. There's too much preparation for such a dumb plan. If you were going to cover your ass that much wouldn't you be smart enough to not put yourself at risk in the first place? Think this out people.

He's the fall guy. Anybody that's read his writing will notice the guy soliciting the money on AIM talks and writes nothing like him. Where are the "..." and the ALL CAP WORDS. Just rings fradualent.

I still don't see motive on his behalf. How hard would it be for somebody to track down the
money that's been transferred to him. No the smart thing is to put a guy that's willing to wire money offline in connection with a lot of money to wire. That's clearly the plan here. They get money to Monkey at a substantial profit, he thinks he's helping out a pro he admires and profiting from it, so he'll keep going as long as they can fool people into giving him money. At the end of this little plan, the fake Little takes him for everything and the only name connected to this scam, besides the pick-up in Peru, is Monkey's. Actually pretty clever had they been able to pull it off.

Monkey is a polarizing figure and has probably pissed off a number of people. He's also a guy that I think leads his life via his emotions, making him an easy mark, so there are two reasons for people to target him. For the record, I put his posts on blogger. I'm sure he could do it if he wanted to, it's just as easy as writing the emails he sends me, but his reticence to do so indicates a relunctance to use technology in a manner that would jibe with him hacking into AIM or anywhere else. This isn't the guy. I've sent a couple of emails to Shannon Shorr saying the same thing. I don't know Will well, except for a couple of phone calls, emails, and playing with him in the past. My read tells me at heart he's a principled honest guy. I think his name and reputation means a lot to him and he's going to battle like hell to protect it.

Unless the dude is friggin' Keyser Soze none of this makes sense.


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