Cowboys Decide my fate...

In the Harrahs weekly, MP bets. Guy two seats later raises significantly. I look down at KK.

The blinds and antes were, I believe, 50-200-400. First guy made it 1000. Next guy made it 2300. I had about 7k in front of me. I shove. First guy calls. Second guy calls (both have me outchipped. First guy substantially and the second guy moderately). Flop bricks out. First guy reaches for his chips. Second guy says, I call if you push. He induces the check, and then shoves, and first guy feels obligated and looks almost ashamed to call probably because of the goading. First guy AK. Second guy JJ. Turn blank. River A.

JJ is incensed. "He should have known we had monsters."

Maybe preflop he can get away from that when I'm indicating Kings or Aces, but probably 3 or 4 people in that tournament can fold AK preflop. Also, with AK in your hand less likely you are against bullets or cowboys... but with this type of action almost always. However, I had just shoved two out of three previous hands and in short order like that it's around hand three were people start questioning if you got it... again. I only had to sweat 5 outs so I don't mind losing, won't be the first or the last time an Ace peals off, but the guy with Jacks was pissed.

Arguably you could say he had less business being in there than the first guy. Now he's facing a raise, a re-re-raise, and a call. AK has three (obvious) outs to beat Kings (and one of my re-outs if the ace hits) vs. the two outs for Jacks. AK vs. Aces is all but dead, where Jacks have two outs. However, AK is 50.50 almost vs. queens and Jacks still have just their two outs.

So, jacks are basically looking for a set and he's not getting the right price for that. Whereas AK is almost even with one of my holdings (though my least likely holding). I guess, people make my move with AK too and AK is tied, but both dogs to any pair because we share outs.

So, reviewing the action, did JJ wanted AK out of the hand after the flop? Unfortunately for him, he didn't really have enough chips to prevent the guy getting to the river. Another play, though riskier, is to check and then shove on the turn. Everybody should call that bet anyway, but some people will call an all-in to see two cards but not one. Instead of the stop and go, it's a stop, stop, and go. However, the initial check was evidence the guy hadn't yet hit, the board indicated as much anyway. He wanted a free card. Never give a free card they say, BUT it would have been creative for the JJ to protect on the turn. Might have been the only way to win the hand if he knew the A was coming on the river.

Problem is he didn't know the A was coming on the river. Far better reasoning against that play (a stop, stop and go) is to build a sidepot vs. AK. In that regard he wants the dude in the hand and shoving after the flop is to win money not to protect a hand. He probably realized that as he was playing, but did the classic, I did not want what I wished for. That idiot should have realized we "had monsters" how can he have called--even though at the time I wanted him to call.

In the Boomtown tournament, in the first round of 25-25, I played a hand poorly. It's like a turbo with the short starting stacks (1k). The standard raise is an absurd 125, so I decide I'll make it 75 with 9-9 and see I can get these guys to slow down a bit. With the first smaller raise, generally the respect it is accorded is decided by the next guy to act. This guy looked like he was trying to find the bathroom and landed in a poker tournament. He called quickly. Sweet. A regular, a capable lady, calls and I roll my eyes, the waterfall effect is on. Next dude calls, and I'm expecting to be 10 handed (better hit my set I think). Then people fold to the button. Okay.

The button is a player who is a regular in the 1-2 games at Harrahs and a pretty steady winner. I think I haven't given him enough credit in the past. His aggression leaves him bareassed sometimes but it also earns him money. So he fires in 500. Is he overplaying a hand again? He's also just pushed a few hands in a row.

Argh. I should fold here. The tournament has too many weak spots to capitalize on that I don't need to get involve in the donkfest behind me with a holding like 99. Can't call, because they will all call. I make the decision where I hope they have common cards and I might be a favorite. Course I know better and I'm just wishing.

So, I shove hoping to isolate the button. Surprise, surprise, the first guy calls. The woman, the only one of us with any sense folds. The next guy calls and the button calls saying he's only worried about my hand. Smells like Jacks or 10s, pretty good but vulnerable. The guy to my left, who fell into the game, had Arag. The button had JJ. The other guy, the dude who just called the initial 75, yeah he had... KK. Go back and wrap your brain around that one.

So, I've got the third best hand and not only do these dudes not share cards, I'm dominated. Didn't hit my set. Goodnight.

It's funny, that in my mind I was critical of the JJ play earlier in the day by my opponent, yet I get myself into a ton of trouble with 99, a weaker holding, and arguably a weaker situation. I'm the donkey.


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