Alright the latest edition of the timelion is coming soon. I promise.

In the meantime, my tagline on says I'll talk about issues facing the coast, so here's one of those.

1. Next time you are evacuated and some asshat tells you they have no sympathy for you because you are too stupid to move out of a city that is below sea level explain to the ignoramus some simple facts. The port of New Orleans and the oil from the gulf that comes through here are too vital to the NATION's economy to simple desert the city. In fact, though the sane thing to do might be to build a new New Orleans round about Baton Rouge or a little further North up the river the costs for that are so exorbitant and prohibitive it's actually better/cheaper to slowly build up the levees here and hope the huge storm doesn't come before the city is secure. Course should New Orleans ever get eviscerated then yes, a move upriver is the smart thing to do.

So in effect, all us "idiots" are doing the rest of the country a great favor in living here, and risking life, livilihood, and family. "Well," they'll retort, "you don't need everybody there to do that." Point of fact, we still need most of the people to support this city which though incredibly poor is a hub for almost 1/3rd of this country's business. So, those asshats should be grateful we let all those dollars go up north and line their pockets.

2. Those people are just ignorant, and if after you educate them they still chose to be, stop wasting your breath. No need to compare New Orleans to cities near forest fires areas out west, earthquake zones, states comprised of volcanoes, mud-slides, blizzards, ice storms, cities in flood zones, avalanches, drought areas etc, etc. Most of those urban areas contribute far less to the economy than New Orleans does and point of fact living there is a much more a lifestyle choice and burden to the taxpayer then living here is.

They also won't get that Katrina didn't wreck the city but government failure (city, state and federal) did. They also won't get that as the people in New York state found out during the falilure of their levees during flooding or the folks in Michigan found out when their bridge broke that government isn't looking out for anyone. No they'll buy in to the fact we live in a tolietbowl and the water's coming over the edge but we are'n't going anywhere. It's our fault. They'll be singing a different tune when it's in their back yard.

3. You can also thank your fellow Louisianas for some of the hate steered our way. I heard about a shelter in Louisville Kentucky where the following things happened. A beautiful gym lined with cots and supplies was set up for the evacuees. A play area for kids was set up, so that the evacuees could drop their kids off so they could do grown up things like track the storm or track down relatives. They organized trips like to the Louisville slugger company to keep these people occupied. Here's what happened. Every toy was broken when kids acted up. When the VOLUNTEERS asked where their parents were to discipline them they parents came after them. When a FEMA representative showed up the entire crowd started chanting "Where's our $2,000 dollars."

Most turned down the free field trips. Kentucky Fried Chicken donated food (it was in Kentucky) the crowd started angrily chanting, "Where's Our Corn on the Cob." Oh yeah, the few people that went to the bat factory and were given free bats proceeded to come back and fight each other with the sluggers. A liquor store in walking distance had to shut down and put an armed guard out front because so many people had shoplifted. The bathrooms were destroyed Superdome style with nobody using the trash cans, and on the floor were spent condoms and other trash. The grown up activities the daycare was there to supplement weren't exactly those kinds of activities. Needless to say, those volunteers in Kentucky will probably never lift another finger to help us again. When the people that will be actually grateful for their assistance in the future and not just looking for a hand out will be the ones that suffer. Though I didn't hear of anything like this in Chattanooga, I wouldn't be surprised if this scene was repeated elsewhere and often.

4. Those are my rants for now. Clearly in #3 you can understand where all the anger comes from. It's also biases people's opinion against the real issues surrounding the city every hurricane season. The people that chose to be ignorant in 1 or 2 probably know somebody that volunteered.


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