I run gud

Gearing up for the weekly again. Had an alright night Monday night but once again didn't even come close to a sweat for the football squares. Though at least this time I had football mathmatical chances to win (TD and FG vs. FG, FG). Normally I need some sort of saftey and missed extra point madness to get to my number.

Will cover, a couple of quick hands. Trying to overload on my suckouts as I've hit a few recently. Not to mention this past weekend I ran like Jesse Owens at my friends wedding for tiny stakes (cab fare money). Three handed flopping straights and nutting full houses on the river. Why can't I get that in a real tournament? Yes, I'm bitching because I'm running good. I'm a bitcher.

On Monday night, I flop two pair, A9, bet and the tourist calls it. He's chasing and the magic flush card turns and he does the microtell stare at his chips. Suh-weet. He checks his temporary nuts, I'm certainly not going to bet his hand for him-check. River 9 ball. He bets, I raise and he does the all in shrug and he's dumbfounded the nut flush is not the nuts. (BTW, can you call a nut flush a nut flush if it doesn't win the hand? And do you call a straight flush, the nut flush... not if there is royal flush out there? I've had arguments with various people about this).

Let's see... finally got one of those disguised bets to win when I bet 43. Flop two fours. King turned and killed some of my action as one of my opponents figured my tight nit ass was on AK or something. Other dude paid me off pretty good though.

Let's keep it going and make my third final table in a row and go up again in the money. No, bad greed this time, either, only good greed right.

Alright, enuff for tonight.



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