Poker Update and Baseball Debate...

So, I have a ton of live Texas Hold'em poker poker to discuss. Ran through a mega to win 2k in tournament chips at the IP. That was fun. Finished about 15 or so from the money in a $350 tournament ring tournament and that wasn't so fun considering I played for 11 or so hours for nothing. Had some mistakes and some postive things to move on with, and a couple of hands I will discuss.

Also congrats to Monkey for his success in hold'em and omaha at the IP. I keep telling myself I am going to use my Omaha poker online experience to good use but never do.

Before I get into the poker, somehow I've also been busy having a pointless debate that I wanted to share with the world. I'm sure I'll turn off a lot of you with my "anti-american" opinion. This is from a baseball debate me and a friend have been having on facebook. He's probably more right than I am, as my dislike for the sport colors my opinion too much, although I could argue it's probably somewhere in the middle as his love for the game pushes him a little to far from reality.

Anyway him first: Baseball is still the most iconic game in America.

Another poster: Keep tellin urself that.

Him: What are the hallowed records in football? Can you tell me any?

Other poster: It all ended with Hgh, steroids, and adderall

Him: You mean like Brian Cushing, Shawn Merriman, and JaMarcus Russell (purple drank)? The majority of baseball players are clean. Face it, baseball is truly the sport of champions, like it has been since the early 20th century. People remember players, the World Series, and the important records within it. Ask any baseball fan (or most sports fans for that matter) what these important numbers are: 4256, 714 (756 and 762 as well), 56, 406 and 90% will tell you. I don't know of anyone who knows how many yards Emmitt Smith had, Jerry Rice had, or Brett Favre threw for (yeah, he is done after tonight).

People remember these marks for baseball. People forget football. That's why baseball was, is, and continues to be the national sport. Baseball brings together generations, stories are past down from generation to generation because the rules do not change significantly.

(I bite) Me: Yeah except for the next generation that, like many of us in ur generation, could care less about those hallowed numbers, the dull lulls in anything resembling activity that makes up most of the game, and finds the playoffs the only part of... the season that taps into the adrenaline rush one regular seaon football game offers. Every baseball icon in the last 20 years save jeter and ripken has been proven to be a cheater. Congrats baseball you are the tour de france of american sports... relevant for one month a year and filled with cheaters.

Him: That's funny, I thought over 75% of the "time" in football was when the players were in the huddle, when absolutely nothing is happening. TV has to show replays during this time because nothing is happening. Football is a flash of exciteme...nt and lots of downtime. Everyone forgets about the downtime because the way TV has set it up.

Football is also a product of where you grew up. People in the south tend to gravitate towards football because the discussion revolves around it. When you go to other areas of the US, the discussion is about another sport. But, again, going back to my original statement, baseball is the most iconic game in America. There are no figures that transcend society like the ones in baseball have.

There is a reason that the greatest players in their sport are called the "Babe Ruth" of their sport.

-To be continued in my next post or two...


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