Catching up on the Poker Blog Comments....

First off, thank you to those of you who commented recently on this Texas Holdem blog. Sorry, I didn't "authorize" the comments sooner. I've gotten so disenchanted by the spam this blog receives recently that I've been neglectful in getting the comments on the site. So, of course I get a handful of really good ones and they just sat there. I promise to do better next time no matter if I'm off trying to play poker tournaments or not..

So I thought I'd post most of them here and respond where necessary.

kinda like the Gold, Silver, Bronze idea for Main Event Bracelets, that would be kinda cool. I was hoping you might be willing to swap blog links with me. I've already added you to mine @ Cheers, James

Will do James as soon as I get this post up (or sooner). By the way I could relate with your post about being a dad and its effect on poker. Seems like you can get back to the grind a little better than I have. And nice friggin' blog. Check it out people.

I think if the WSOP were to increase their main event to a $50,000 buy-in, as they do with a couple of events per year, or, better yet, a $100,000 buy-in it would be great. As much as I would regret not being able to play this ME without the good fortune of winning a "super super duper satellite," it would be good for poker for several reasons.

First the "wow" factor would be reinstilled into the event. I personally think $10,000 is life changing money for me, but apparently around 8,000 people per year do not.

Second, it's too difficult to market a bunch of strangers to the adience every year. Imagine if the cast of "Lost" or any other show were to change it's cast every year with random people off the street. No audience interest. Hell, Mizrachi was the "big name" at the event and he's about as charsmatic as paste. Duhamel? What a yawn for the industry.

If the stake is raised, your established players, like it or not, will be familiar faces time and time again with a few new faces that the audience would root for against the establishment. Pretty much like how peole root for anyone who plays against the Yankees. No one cares about the Brewers... or DUHamel. ZZZZzzzzzzzz. Like the idea or not, it would preserve, maybe increase ratings. KMan.

Thanks for reading KMan. I like your ideas. I think the Main Event is stagnant on the 10k because of the Moneymaker effect and they think they need to have an every man in contention every year. If I think about it, it was 10k way back in the 70s when 10k got you a hell of a lot more than it does today. They also like that giant field, that has become kind of a recent tradition, though maybe one worth keeping for the Main Event.

It has enjoyed growth most years and is inching back to the Jaime Gold record year, and I think Harrahs likes that. Maybe they could do both. Still cover the most ginormous (who knew the word ginormous was first used in 1948) poker tournament in the World, but finish the tournament with a nightcap of the ultimate high-rollers tournament but use most of hi-roller footage for the ESPN telecasts. I think they could have those guys come back in a November Nine format too. I guess they are moving in that direction a little bit with the Players Championship and the 40k last year. Still, both of those final tables had a lot of new blood too. We need Darvin Moon and Steve Dannemann, but you are right they need a foil with some accolades that aren't garnered online first.

To be Continued...


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