Movember, Thanksgiving, and Poker but not in that order...

So we were in the middle of the letter from my cousin that got me Mo-tivated to do something Mus-tastic. Which by the way is my new adjective that I will wear out. I used to like delicious or turgid but now it's Mus-tastic. I will use it liberally where it totally doesn't apply.

Btw, Mus-stastic is a very postive thing. Like I hit a two outer at the upcoming Harrahs Poker Texas Hold em tournament, you'll hear me murmur "Mus-tastic" and nod my head in happy celebration. Actually, you'll see me mumble and imperceptibly move my head as I don't talk much when playing poker, but if you can lip read a mumbler I'll be saying Mus-stashtic. You'll notice I haven't settled on a spelling yet, but that's besides the point.

Next time I'm trying to learn Omaha poker online it will certainly be in the chat box. Okay, back to the letter from my cousin. Where were we… rule 5?

5. I will match the entire pot and donate it to prostate cancer research.
6. Absentee Portrait Photos will be accepted from absentee mustache growing men and they will be included in the judging. You don't have to miss this just because you can't make it to the party.
7. It is frowned upon to talk to the unenlightened about why you are doing this. A MAN suffers in silence. Show up to the party with an honest estimate of the number of times you fessed up. If it is more than once, we will divide your number of votes by that number. I admit to a few already -- very unlikely that I'll win this year.

Who is with me???

GentleMEN!! start your engines!!"

How could I refuse this invitation. A chance to sully a face with a hairy caterpillar for a good cause. For heaven's sake did you see the name of the bar they are going to afterward (btw, they live in San Diego) Thrusters? Can that be real. What better place for a cavalcade of mustachioed men than a bar named Thrusters.

Sure, I might get confused for a member of the Village People, but isn't the cause worth it? As for poker applications I can be that shaggy guy at the end of the table twisting his mustache for effect and kind of go incognito. The finished product had me able to morph into Gene Shallit or as my dad would say the neighbor from the Dagwood cartoon strip. Just so you know, I also grew my hair long.

For Halloween I grew out the Go-tee and the hair for my costume of Dr. Frankenstein, with the son as Frankenstein and the wife as Bride of Frankenstein. So, I already had a mop. I thought it would help with the contest but it didn't really but for those of you wondering that's why I was looking so shaggy. I thought the extra hair would really enable me to pull of an Anchorman 70s style look.

Didn't quite come to fruition. Though I did get a lot of weird looks at the tail end of the month. We went to the zoo as a family and I waited outside a dinosaur exhibit with the empty baby stroller by myself. I know people pondered what the creepy guy was doing.

I was hoping someone could engage me so I could say "picking up a kid today" or something benign but possibly dastardly in the mind of a concerned parent. Actually, not really, looking like a creep was creeping me out too. I found myself doing creepy things like cutting in line, wearing tighty-whities and bathing less frequently.


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