Poker Update and Baseball Debate ii...

As I said, while I was over at the IP playing some quality Texas Hold'em poker I’ve also been engaged is some trivial debate about baseball. Guy has some quality points, I like mine better but I can see his side of things. It’s not like we are arguing the right and wrong way on how to play poker or something like that. In about 20 years one of us will be proven right and the other one wrong.
Him (continuing): It's the debate over who was the best hitter of all time, who was the most dominant at their position, what would Ruth or Cobb do in today's game. It's baseball that draws together generations because the game hasn't changed in any great way in over 100 years. Grandfathers and grandchildren can talk the same sport. Baseball stars are remembered throughout generations, and stories are passed down. Baseball is exciting because most of the players are not physical freaks of nature. You don't have to be 6'5", 260 to play the game at a competitive level. Football has gained popularity and perhaps passed baseball for the time being (lockout 2011 looms), but baseball is America's game.

At least 93% of baseball is clean. We know this from 2003 when the study that led to the current rules was taken. I would say it is greater than 93% clean, and has the most stringent drug testing in all of sports, especially with the new HGH testing. Face it, the NFL's "policy" is lax. There are a hell of a lot more people taking PEDs in football than are getting caught. This came out right after the Panthers lost in the Super Bowl when a good number on that team were caught. I am not naive enough to believe that baseball is 100% clean, but you shouldn't be that way with football. To say that every icon in the last 20 years has been dirty is 100% wrong. For every "star" that has been proven guilty, I can name 3 that are not. Most of the people I won't put in the "icon" category, but I will call them stars.
Me: Okay Ken Burns... Never said football was clean. However, baseball sold their soul when after the strike they tacitedly endorsed their players bulking up to produce the long ball spike that did bring their fans back. All a fraud--nice you don't care that they constantly spit in your face and take you for granted as a fan.

The game will die as "america's game" with our generation--you neglect to refute that todays kids could care less about the sport.

Why is it that baseball runs replays in all that inactivity and it's still a snoozer? Why? What's worse than watching a slo-mo game? Watching slo-mo in slower-mo. NFL is more exciting in those 5 second bursts, than balls, strikes, and fouls. And the NFL replays can be even more exciting.

Never said NFL was clean either, however, the biggest stars of that game aren't marred by performance enhancing scandal like the MLB or Tour De France. Course the NFL doesn't pride themselves on all these records that you mention, like the MLB does, like it's been one 100 year long even playing field (which is hasn't), and then sell their soul to make most of those records meaningless to bring the fans back in.

Baseball... Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, and Sammy Sosa, and ARod. The biggest names in the sport during the Fraud era, challenging all your hallowed numbers in a cheap going out of business ploy that you and your ilk are too naiive to realize manipulated many of you into caring again after a decade of labor disputes.


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