Catching up on the Poker Blog Comments.... Part Two

More comments and my responses. Thanks for reading this little No limit Texas Hold'em
blog. Much apprecitated that it's finding some people who find it ineresting. I'll continue my break from
Online Sit and go poker tournaments to respond some more.

What did you think about the big Cheong-Duhamel hand?

Congrats! I hadn't checked the blog in a while and it was nice to come back for a win. Definitely post more details. I might be heading down to New Orleans for New Year's, so we should definitely hang.

Hi Keenan, I think I'll be in town New Years so I'm down with meeting up with you in the Harrahs poker room. Don't felt me too often. Sorry, I was light on the details of the that tournament I never really got back to. It was another event where nothing got going until it really mattered and then I really started to chip up, and had the luxury of exploiting the tightest guy in the field image I had built up by being dreadfully card dead.

The Cheong-Duhamel hand was impressive. It's easy to criticize Cheong for his play three handed but I think both he and Duhamel showed the guts needed to win one of those things. Cheong, I think felt he could get Duhamel off the hand and had the heart to follow that instinct to the end.

Credit to Duhamel, I don't think at any point he thought he was going to fold QQ. Granted hand ranks sky-rocket three handed but at some point with all that first place money on the line don't you wonder if he's thinking... I'm up against AK I'm not going to coinflip for 9 million, ESPECIALLY with the short stack in between us. I know that thought would be in my mind, but those two were playing for first. Though, if I was a pansy I would have called at some point but not folded.

That may be the difference between me and them, I think why not just call and see the flop but both those guys were going to outplay the other. Youth has its advantages. Phil Ivey tightened up at the Main Event final table last year, because he understands just how hard, if not, impossible it would be to get back. Two young-uns didn't even entertain the thought of playing more conservatively. That's also what got them there. I'm really slow to ever critisize a successful player for something they do at the final table. One, we all make mistakes and I would think after all that play, plus all those months of expecations and waiting it has to be torture.

Two, they probably did those things, and played that way just to get there, so why should they change their style. Granted, why not just wait til Racener was chipped away and then settle matters? Course Racener doubles up once it changes the dynamic completely. Then he's almost even with the guy he doubled through. Maybe Cheong and Duhamel both thought the other would slow down and they could exploit that little bit of conservativeness. I don't know but it made for really entertaining poker. What did you think?

VERY good blog, Sir. I was there that day playing in this tourney and even though Monkey can really get under my skin at imes, ok most the time, I was proud to call him a fellow poker player on this day. He completely showed his testicular fortitude in putting on hose, painting his nails, and wearing, a bra. Lets face it, Monkey is a force to be reckoned with, but damn for the greater good why the hell were they barred from this event? I mean who said what and why did they have the final say in this? Would love to know names but no one seems to have that same testicular fortitude to give up the names as Monkey and Kai did the day of the event. Great blog, and next year I think they should register a day in advance to protect thim from this bullchit KD-Gautier

Thank you for the kudos KD. Agreed on all points.


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