Cam Newton an unsafe bet...

Uh oh. Yes, I'm an Auburn fan. But what I'm about to write will probably have me getting hate mail from War Eagle nation.

I thought the media would slam Cam, and when I saw noted contrarian Gregg Doyel (why two gs for Gregg I'll never figure it out) take up his side I thought popular thought would go the other way but it hasn't. I thought I'd be taking up for the kid but instead I almost feel like Auburn is getting it too easy. Cam Newton is an unsafe bet in more than one way.

Sure on messageboards they are getting fried but the mainstream media, the voters, and everybody seems to be taking a wait and see approach. Maybe it's because everybody secretly knows Auburn got shafted in one of the Reggie Bush years, they don't care if Auburn also cheats to get to the top of the mountain.

I'm a big SEC fan, but big time college sports pay their players. Want some easy betting tips at the beginning of the season, just figure out who has the biggest payroll. But remember they pay everybody. They pay the families of their players, and sometimes they pay the friends and hanger-ons of their players. John Wooden won 11 titles because the owner of the UCLA Men's basketball professional franchise was Sam Gilbert and he paid the players. Boosters and Alums everywhere have taken ownership of the players for the last fifty years, this is nothing new, and nothing changed.

The 30 for 30 featuring Marcus Dupree was one of the most interesting films I've seen on ESPN recently, and it was humorous how little things have changed. Dupree had a greedy revrend pulling his strings and getting rich off him. Apparently, Cam Newton's father, also a reverand tried to do the same thing.

Though in all the similarities, there were a couple of differences, Oklahoma and Texas laughed in recounting what they openly hinted at was an the illegal recruiting war for Dupree and Newton who is just as much a game changer, is at the center of a dispute that is anything but laughable.

Somebody went a ste too far in throwing mud at the Newton's, and perhaps that along with his Magic Johnson smile, and transformed Newton into a somewhat sympathetic figure. They released his grades and academic troubles which is a federal offense. MSU state ratted out that they might have gotten outbid for Newton's services but as much as they play the innocent card, nobody is innocent in the big business SEC. Over the last twenty years, every single member school including VANDERBILT and MSU have gotten into some sort of trouble.

Auburn is a repeat offender.

Clearly, there is something going on. What did Cam know and what did he not know? More importantly, what did people associated with Auburn pay and how well did they cover their tracks?

Everybody cheats, but that doesn't mean if you are dumb enough to get caught you shouldn't get punished.


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