Poker Hands... Run Good (Bachelor Party), Run Bad (Wedding), Run Away Part IV

I thought he was mulling over a fold at this point. I told him I had two pair, very Jaime Gold like, (the dealer didn’t reprimand me for my poor sportsmanship either). Can you get in trouble for that in online poker games too? He decided to call and showed me two pair of his own. Clearly, I should have just bided my time. I think his entire intention was to check-raise the river and really get a chunk of my stack in there.

The Ace changed things for both of us but he had to decide if his two pair was now no good. I think it scared him a little bit but I do think he was pondering over raise or call still at that point not sure he had just been dealt a bad beat. I gave him the easy way out and had I not said anything, and simply played poker, he probably would have put some chips in. He had that excited look during the hand as he checked called me on the first two streets like he was going to get some action.

I kept asking to be put on the 2-5 list as I had built up some profit on my initial buy-in. Finally, when tables started to break they put me over there. I have a feeling that they just call my name with no response more often than not as I’m programmed to just ignore anything said over the mike when I’m playing. Every once in a while I’ll hear Bill and listen for a little bit, considering how many Bills that play poker I know I’m not catching every Bill.

So the following weekend we have the wedding. Ralphs on the Park was the reception and it was a first class affair. They had a mambo band and the bride and groom did what was one of those impressive rehearsed first dances. The groom is not someone you’d think was a fast dancer so it got the right amount of oohs and aaahs. The food was great.

The night before the wife and I were looking over their wedding website to get directions to the wedding and feeling embarrassed we didn’t put in the same amount of time on something like that for us. In it, I read the bride fell in love with Spanish wedding dresses while in Barcelona years ago and how she discovered a Spanish dress almost by accident. I put that in the Vault. The next day when she came over to greet our table, I kept wanting to interject something about her dress and people kept steering the conversation away form it. Eventually, and awkwardly I was able to say, “You look beautiful in that dress, it’s a beautiful gown, almost looks Spanish.”

I had cued up my next remark “Is it a Manuel Mota,” the designer I read the night before and everything was going to plan when she expressed surprised at my knowledge of dresses BUT then my wife interjected about the website. Hate it when she ruins my fun. My friend at the table remarked at first he had thought that’s a stupid comment what would I know about dresses, was floored when it was indeed Spanish, and said he would have dropped his drink had I called out the designer. Bad wife! Lol.

Later, I espied the guys at the table open their presents from the couple. They both got handmade pottery pieces of the New Orleans manhole covers. They closed their gifts. In front of my friend’s wife who had watched them open and close their gifts, I shook mine and said “Fleur-de-Lis.” She said, “No it’s not.” I said, “I bet you it is.” She said, “No I know it isn’t.” I replied, “No, I bet you it is. $5?” (I had no intention of collecting). Then her husband stepped in, he of the surprise at the Spanish dress remark refused to let her bet. I revealed the Fleur-De-Lis that I too had earlier looked at. Oh well.

Then I went to Harrahs and played a real game of partial information for money and got AA busted by a set of jacks for one large stack. Not fun. From there I played pretty badly and a little tilted. Less fun. Ran good one week after a bachelor party, ran bad the next week after the wedding, and should have just run away in general.


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