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First, Gene and I want to apologize for the site going down so much the last few days. Perhaps, interest in the World Series of Poker Main Event was greater then we anticipated. Couldn't have anything to do with the locals that went deep huh? Anyway, we hope to get things righted as soon as possible and hope we will no longer have these kind of issues moving forward. Thanks for the emails and the texts.

-Had a couple of live sessions at Harrahs. One a winner, one a loser. Not so much fun losing as winning strangely enough. I'll probably blog about both in an upcoming post. I definitely was mixing it up a little big trying different ways how to play poker.

Before I go into that kind of stuff, thought I'd catch up and do a little bit of a random post with some poker links and otherwise.

--It was nice to see John Dolan's mug on the FoxSports coverage of the World Series of Poker. Thanks to Jerard Parfait linking that to us on our Facebook page. I have a feeling the lives of every guy in the November Nine is going to drastically change and the build up to the final table is going to be an ever increasing buzz.

The crazy thing about poker is even though these guys all played amazing and had to run good almost as amazingly, somebody is going to get to that final table and run great again. Hopefully, the cards will be evenly distributed and somebody want bulldoze the table because of luck and the best player will win, but as we know that doesn't often happen.

--Annie Duke is headed to Capitol Hill. Is she really the best representative of poker's interest or the only one willing to do this? Afterall, Duke went toe-to-toe with somebody in the age demographic of most of our Congressmen. Joan Rivers was doing stand-up in the SnickerCabin when they were drafting the Constitution and most of the guys in office right now were on wife number one at the same time. So, sending Annie, the arch-enemy of Rivers one of the oldest birds still alive to a group of men that simply refuse to check out is a bit like sending Jesse James to the a Christian workshop on fidelity.

News is bad regarding legalizing U.I.E.G.A. in that the Dems don't really seem to be on board to fight this "moral" issue of online poker in a time when their power seems to be waning. That's the scuttlebutt at least. Course with Annie Duke, as Tex likes to say, hobnobbing anything is possible and we know from Celebrity Apprentice what a Nob Hobbler she is.

--Spoke to Kai Landry via text messaging recently. In case you've forgotten, Kai is everybody's favorite colorful local tournament pro. He's been absent from the site of late and disappeared as he had to undergo an extremely painful surgery to remove excess brain cells. Apparently, he was too quick for his own good and despite his best intentions to slowly drown and kill off the weaker brain cells with concoctions spiked with alcohol it wasn't enough, so he had a procedure to rid him of about 40% of his household's brain power (and no he did not have to go under a knife to do this even if it felt that way). Anyway, Kai will be back blogging soon enough. He was missed and we welcome him back, excitedly. So for those of you who asked "Where's Kai?" "What happened to Kai?" and "Who is Kai?" now you know and knowing is half the battle.

--My business partner Gene D hates Trishelle Cannatella, and I'm embarrassed she has far more impressive poker scores than I do, though I can't dispute she might have more alluring charms to garner a backer than I have. Anyway, Wicked Chops has her railing somebody right here at the main event. Since she is a local girl, she is newsfodder for the site. And for you perverts who got too excited two sentences ago, get your minds out of the gutter.


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