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First off, if you want to be a better online poker tournament player or just want to be a better poker player in general, if you aren't watching these free training videos you are an idiot. http://www.jonathanlittlesecrets.com/freecoaching/. I regret missing some of the earlier ones because I got a long way to go to become a better online poker tournament player but these are a great start. Lots of good tidbits next time I log on to play poker tournaments online.

After I get done this post I'm going to play poker online and try out some of that stuff.

-Metallica really got soft in their old age huh?

-Thought this was a cool story:


Basically, a whale escourts a pro surfer paddle boarding for 4o miles to raise money for Breast Cancer. I like this story because my mother has battled Breast Cancer twice, also because it's an animal that is normally rarely seen but is completely playful during the trip.

-We talked about the new Accumulator poker tournament in Australia, in honor of that some of Schwarzeneggar's best quotes:


-Watched Magic-Bird on HBO the other night. What a great, great show. I didn't really like either of them as a kid, Dr. J and later Michael Jordan were my guys, but I have a newfound appreciation for both. Really tugged at your heart strings and i got choked up at one point. You can see how tortured their rivalry, hatred, love and friendship was, and the reclusive Bird came off as just an intriguing personality. Reminds me of a good friend I have from Indiana in many ways.

-Survivor, Russell got rid of Boston Rob. The villains will be putty in his hand. Rob got outplayed despite being the best player in many regards. Show is so good.

-Watched the McDonalds high school All Star game, people are all aflutter over Harrison Barnes the number one recruit in the country coming to UNC, he had a weird Skype press conference and came off a little arrogant. In this video he clearly asserts his alpha male over the poor little Dooky recruit but he's kind of an ass too. Felt like he got frozen out a bit at the end of the game too. Seems like he might have been a better fit at Duke. We'll see. I'm sure two games into the season next year I'll be loving the kid.


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