Poker Tour: Rules Oddities... part 2

There is some rule about doing what is best for the moment and the game. I don't know if they learn that rule in poker school or where but I've certainly heard it. If the one guy showed his hand and he split the pot, it should be split. The poker floor manager with a little bit of prodding got relieved out of making the decision when the old guy finally split the pot.

The other reg, pointed out that he didn't think the guy knew that he chopped at the moment he showed his hand. And while that sucks that a guy doesn't know he's the winner or part-winner, I've been on the other side of that coin, if that guy shows his hand even if he thinks he's the loser he gets the pot. Until the rule change is made that a player must know that he's won the pot to win the pot, and all he has to do is show a winning hand, even if he thinks it's a loser it doesn't matter.
Oddly, I found myself in a similar situation later this trip.

I was in a cash game in a different casino, uh… oh… thinly veiled bad beat-ish story about to be revealed, avert your eyes. I was on the button and call a limp (1-2-5 game) with most of the table already in with a suited one gapper lets call it 9-7 because I don’t remember it exactly. The flop gave me flush draw with a gutter ball straight flush draw. A couple of checks, a guy bets, he gets called, I raise it and the tight player to my left in the blinds calls. Okay... where he’d come from.

The other two, the initial raiser and caller skedaddle.

Me and the old man who smells like pig corpse see the turn which hits my gutterball. He leads out for three quarters to four fifths of my stack. I shove over the top. Old man doesn’t won’t to call. Straight up bluff? No…

He thinks about not calling (???? But does in fact call, with one of those gravely, nasally announcements, people make when they are pretty sure they are calling into the nuts) and then he doesn’t flip, so I play the same stupid game and keep my hole cards concealed too. The river puts the straight on the board when it pairs my 9. A player says that… “Hey Straight on the board.” The dealer chastises him for that and brings our bets a little closer to her. “Sometimes they don’t know. You can’t say that.”

I throw out my hand that missed the flush draw and got counterfeited and he turned over two pair that joined my hand as playing the straight on the board. For the life of me I can’t figure out how he could even contemplate folding there. Even if he knew 100% he was beat, the rest of my chip were nothing to him.

In the midst of looking at his hand the dealer starts chopping the pot. I see her fiddling with our all in bets and then just slide me back my hundred quickly followed by stacks from the middle of the pot. At first I think nothing of it, then I count my chips and I have less than I started the hand with. Huh? Yes, I had put out a hundo on my shove but it was under a stack of redbirds, and playing it back in my head she fired at the old man.

Before I could even speak after figuring out how I got shorted she had cards in play, the old guy had my chips in his stack. I spoke up and asked her how she split the pot and she said I should have said something before she dealt the next hand. I didn't bitch too loudly as it all happened too fast but on further reflection even it was only $20 I should have called the floor.


Anonymous said…
This is totally unrelated to your current blog, but saw Tyler win the main event recently at the beau. Was wondering what is up with that place as they did not promote this past tournament at all. Saw numbers were low. Do they not care about poker anymore or what's up do they just have people making decisions that know nothing about the local poker scene. Let me know what you find out please.

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