Poker and Pollen Round-up...

Ever not want to leave the house, fear the sight of the color green, and generally are miserable? For those of you that drink Absinthe, I'm not talking about that bad experience. I'm talking about allergies. If there was ever a time to stick to my goal of conquering online poker it's right now, when I fear for my sinuses when leaving the house. It's well established I'm not a genius by any stretch of the imagination so of course, I'm kind of to blame for being miserable. Well, not as much to blame as you fools that guzzle the Absinthe, though you at least get some fun before the bame.

Since coming to New Orleans and rediscovering my allergies, or perhaps getting some adult onset ones (as I had my childhood pollen allergies beat for a while) I never bothered to find out exactly what they were. I just knew in the spring I'd be miserable and have to take some over the counter stuff. Also, strangely in the fall, for the first time, I'd have itchy eyes and congestion.

So I buy the pills I can deal with it, then my wife and I buy a house. It's on a nice street lined by big oak trees. Turns out I'm probably allergic to oak pollen. Yay! And this year it's like Pollenapocalyse. I can see a green fog when I drive down the street. Cars parked on the street in under an hour get a thin green film of tree crap, and my dogs when they come in from the outside shake it off like they are trying to paint the floor green.

Course my lawn looks like crap, and my face feels like crap, and I've rubbed my eyes more than Doyle Brunson at 2am when he decides tp play an online poker tournament. So, I'm miserable and I did it to myself. I've done worse to myself so I'll recover. I once got stitches along the top of my head by trying to run under a two person swing, and then when my brother demanded I show his friend how I got them, I repeated the process and required another set of stitches.

So, this desire to sit in the house like an agoraphobic could be a perfect time to hone those multi-player online poker tournaments skills. Of course, this week when the pollen falls like snow from a Noreaster, the wife has spring break. I'm glad to have the chance to spend time with her, but I'm still recovering from Easter Sunday's barbeque where I spent too much time outside. She wants to walk the neighborhood and catch up on some outside chores, which sounds as appealing to me as dancing on razor blades barefooted.

I just want to stay away from the powdered green death. She's been pretty understanding.

At the same time, we are wrapping up preparations and dotting i's and crossing ts on our second issue. We are just waiting on some ad artwork and we will go to print once it is in. We expanded the magazine by 50%, upgraded the stock, and gave a little more for everybody to enjoy. Our goal is to continue to improve markedly with each issue and I think we've done that. Our thanks go out to our advertisers who we will demand you guys visit.

Also, we are working on improving the site, and the new bloggers page is a step in the right direction, go check it out under the Blogs link at the top. Also, if you know any Gulf Coast Poker bloggers that aren't on our new page, we want to list them and share some traffic.

All this has kept me away from events like the Spring Classic in Biloxi. I hope to get there later in the week, and try and find a way into the main event. I know Gene has been consumed by both the day job and GCP so it’s been hard for him to carve out time to play. I think he’s got some Shorty’s sessions under his belt and been able to steal away more than me. I know, he and GCPM publisher John "Price is right" should all be in Biloxi for the main event, too.

See you there.


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