Magnets, Poker lawsuits, and more

First off, though they probably won't read this, I want to extend my thoughts and prayers to my wife's cousin Theresa and her husband Damon who are going through a rough spot. Damon is over in Iraq right now and I know he wishes he could be home. Just hate to see bad news break when you are rooting so hard for good news. Without going into it, if ya'll could put them in your thoughts and prayers too it'd be much appreciated.

Hard to transition from that…

There have been a lot of poker conflicts, lawsuits, and court cases in the news recently. The revelation the FBI is sniffing around Full Tilt is a surprise. Poker--live poker and online poker--is full of dirtbags, con-men, grifters, and in general a-holes, but I never got the feeling guys like Chris Ferguson or Howard Lederer ever were a part of that crowd. They just seem too cerebral and academic.

I have a feeling this will go away. The allegations of money laundering--reading between the lines--may just be some unhappy former employees taking revenge a step too far.

I know one thing if I were ever the online casino, the place that always wins and never closes, a casino online ALWAYS is open, I would never do anything to upset the applecart. These guys seem too shrewd for that. They get the chance to play online casino and get the rake of thousands of hands a day, it's a dream job.

You basically print money when you play casino online to the world, so why mess it up. No way, they got so greedy as to screw that up. We'll see but I'm doubtful anything will come of this, except for Poker Haters to try and destroy the online game in the States.

Last week after my blog posts, I got an email from the district manager at the Fox and the Hound asking me to call him. I meant to but things piled up. Anyway, without having spoken to the man I did want to give that chain some credit for reaching out to me. If I do call him about my bad experience there I will be sure to relay the result, but kudos goes to them.

Totally off topic, but in college I had a good friend, who was a bit of a close talking, he lean into you like he was Bobby Huggins consoling an injured player on the court. By the way, did anybody else watch that moment and not think it wasn’t the most touching moment they’ve seen in college basketball?

Because I didn’t, because I was too busy thinking this is a little weird.

Perhaps it has to do with being an introvert and also enjoying my personal space, but when Huggy Bear full on mounted DaSean Butler (1:19 mark of video) I was feeling awkward. You know a lot of people thought that but nobody had the indecency (?) to say it. You take that moment out of context and Huggins gets arrested, but in context it was touching---still awkward but touching.

Sometimes in extreme pain in sports a player is able to remove himself from the moment and complete the play and then go back to being in a heap. I wonder if a similar thought was going through Butler’s head, “Oh, f-balls, my farkin’ knee is ruined, wait, coach are you trying to kiss me? Get up off me and give me some space. Oh Zeus, I shredded my knee like… Coach seriously, move.”

Back to my friend in college that was a close talker. Another friend joined our group and he too close talked like he was Bill Clinton at an interns interview. So we wondered what would happen when two close talkers talked. Would the alpha close talker prevail and make the weaker one shift uncomfortably away or what? Turns out they were a bit like magnets. They repelled one another. They genuinely never liked each other and never talked for more than a few seconds and neither leaned in. It was like this natural close talker instinct to shun the other.

Speaking of magnets a guy has created one so powerful it may defy the laws of phsyics? What's that mean, well, levitation, hovercars, jetpacks and tons of futuristic possibilities may be around the corner. Go here for more...

Oh and if you ever find yourself trapped by a close talker, find another one and you'll be free of both.


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