Final tabling Poker Donkaments is fun

Last week I went two for two at the IP. After playing so much Texas Hold'em poker online I was happy with my live play and even moreso tasting the requisite amount of luck I needed to get so deep. Haven't had much run good recently, especially in the cash games where I’ve made bad calls and gotten into bad spots. I went quite card dead in numerous spots over the two days (of course) but the only point where it really hurt me was at the final table of the second tournament once we got about five handed.

Suddenly, I felt like those guys I watched throughout the tournament try to fold their way forward. Shove with any two cards I'd think as they'd stall and fold, and then I’d check them off the list of having any chance to win. At the final table of all times I found myself doing just that. I knew my stack was just about to get so low they were going to call with anything and despite the need to retain some fold equity and have something to double up with I couldn’t find spots to put it in.

Alas, at the final table it was not to be. This sucked because first was 10k plus a 10k WSOP Main Event seat. I heard they chopped up the money shortly after I went out in fourth. Bracelet winner Captain Tom and local poker icon got the big stack and I picked up a fairly decent read on him. He kept getting the cards to bet into me and graciously kept showing his hands when I'd fold. The girl on my left also did something I noticed in the corner of my eyes when she'd get hands. Unbelievably the few times the pot would be unopened I'd see her do it and give her a walk. She showed me one of her cards each time and I was correct in doing so.

She said something like you are too good, Bill when I folded correctly again, in a bit of mild frustration. I couldn’t help wondering to myself if she was just encouraging my passivity as I do any time the small blind gives me a walk. 100% of the time I’ll tell the guy I got a good hand because I want to encourage that behavior and sometimes I’ll show it to him. Was she doing the same to me? I told myself to trust my read on her and not over think things. Btw, Ms. Cobb from Panama City has been crushing the IP event so mad props to her.

Finally, I found a spot with K4 suited and shoved. Got two callers and flopped a flush draw. It went brick, brick, and then I hit the bricks myself. No WSOP entry, no 10k in cash (though my parting prize was not terrible at all), and no portion of the chop they worked out. I thought the final table had a lot of talented players though I also thought Captain Tom had the most “run good” of all us. Not that he needed it with his experience. Though I watched him over the course of the tournament get it all in a couple of times with the worst of it and get there.

I have to say I enjoyed talking to the man and playing with him. I think he tried to set me up in a weird way and I was able to escape from it. He did a weird and memorable thing when he was weak earlier in the tournament, and doing a little bit of poker strategy he set me up. When he flopped a set on me on the final table and did the exact same thing, I just felt like he was trying to trap me and folded. When he showed the set he let me off the hook, because had he not I would have always wondered if he was making a meta-game play or was just bluffing. I suspected he was trying to set me up and I was right.

To be continued...


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