Poker Pain is Mutual part three

If I hadn't played two days before maybe I get blinded by the set, and ignore the player paired with the texture of the board. In that session, I ended up with a big win. I got ahead and stayed there which is a key in all poker games
. True I hit some hands but I also listened to my gut.

I made calls that took balls and were really thin and I trusted myself to make hero folds too. I also stole some pots with bets that took balls and won money from the good players as well as the bad players we were all surrounding.

Course, my friend doesn't have that luxury, he's not able to reevaluate and jump back into the pool. He can only stew about it. Anyway, keep your head up man.

The second phone call came from a different friend that endured an terrible cooler. Full house v.s Full house against idiots or some such hand. This friend was shaken. Only minutes beforehand they had wanted to leave and took it one extra hand. Saw a flop and thought it was a going away prize.

I've been there. How many times do you stick around for one more dealer down, or until the button and get involved in a hand you mangle or even worse like his you just get coolered. Poker is a bitter, bitter mistress just as this abusive siren is pleasuring you she brings the hammer. Tough for anybody to endure.

One of my friends is seeking faith, potentially, and we've all been there. The other is thinking about quitting the game, and we've all been there, but they both need to take into consideration something Phil Ivey has said. You can't be a consistent winner until you've experienced losses, not sng
losses but real consistent long painful losses.

There is some truth to that. If you can stymie a spew session or relate to the guy on uber-tilt and exploit them you can't win with any regularity. You also have to be flexible, if things aren't working, don't curse luck, question why. Let's say my second friend had gotten up when he considered it, wouldn't we all be wealthy if we got up, when we thought about it before we got smacked by a loser. What would his mindset be like?

He would have been a huge winner on the day. Instead of thinking about quiting he'd probably be back there the next day. The focus would be solely on how well he played to win that huge stack not the small mistake he left with.

Doctors recently studied patients who endured colonoscopies and now have altered how they end the scoping. Now, even though they are finished they will sit with the scope in the patient, but in a place that is not painful, doing nothing. Then they will remove the scope after a few minutes of this illusion. Why?

They found out that patients that got a scope based their whole assessment of the experience on the way it ended, because we humans have warped minds. One patient could endure arduous pain for an hour but have a decent 10 minutes to end the session, and would be quick to use the same doctor, other patients who had relatively painless sessions, but bad pain at the very end would seek out new doctors. Solution? Let everybody leave on a good note.

Waiters and waitresses touch you and engage is fraudulent chit-chat right before they give you the bill for the same reason. Because we are wired to be suckers? What's that mean in relation to poker? Simple, we can't let our exit color our experience or assess our play for the day


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