Final tabling Poker Donkaments is fun part three

Yes, somebody can wake up with a monster and I can’t hit the rail with a marginal hand but its worth the risk to have a deeper stack for bubble play and in the money play. This is certainly more like I'll do in certain online poker games and I'm certain about that. Certainly! I’ll also pepper in some 2.5x raises, because if I can try and outplay somebody after the flop for cheap I'll do it. I vary my hands shoving with big pairs as well as just raising with them so nobody should infer I'm less strong shoving as I am just raising.

Interesting because the Harrahs weekly tournament has recently ended for me with me shoving and people calling me light. Fortunately in Biloxi, these players have smaller calling ranges and I pick up a lot of pots just jamming. I know many of the internet kids do exactly this in live play, but I think you have to really evaluate your opponents to see if the play has a positive result or not.

Some earlier critical hands: I played a pot with Keith "The Angle" as monkey calls him, who I traded 5% of me at the 2nd event, so I owe the Angle money (will be there Sunday Keith, find me and I will reward you), and Kenny Milam. I have a great respect for Kenny's game and of Keith's as well (obviously as I traded 5% with him).

To focuse on Keith for a second, I think Keith has a better table presence when he's not so happy, because before I knew him, I remember being a little unsettled if not bordering on being intimidated when he was in a gruffer mood at the table. I didn't try to enter pots with him. Dan Walsh has asked me a couple of times to join in some Omaha games and I've always seen Keith there with a big stack. Probably not going to pay those guys tuition to learn Omaha at this point.

On this day, he was enjoying himself and despite me being in position on him when he was in the blinds we didn't really mix it up. I thought there were weaker spots at the table, and I hope he did too. This hand I looked down at AK. Kenny Milam had already limped. Keith called my raise and so did Kenny.

Flop came KQx. Kenny led out. So weird my skin got prickly, like I was Peter Parker or something, and I just felt Kenny had top two. He’s not leading out with nothing and it didn’t look or feel like a blocking bet. Stack sizes being what they were, if I raised to get him to affirm his holding we’d be pot-locked so to speak, so that threw out raising. I decided I was in a spot where I just had to call him down if he chose to milk me.

Turn was a brick and we exchanged a weird look. I think he thought I might bet for him. Check, check.

River Ace ball. Wow. I can't remember if Kenny bet or checked but I either bet or raised for value and he had to call me. He didn't show but hinted he had KQ and when we talked over the hand later he in fact said he had just that. I suspect he was being honest. I've played enough with Kenny to know he'd limp with that type of hand from early position (obviously I also knew during the progression of the hand he wasn't limping KK or QQ there after the actions that followed on the flop and turn).

You have to get lucky to win a poker tournament and that was a pretty decent sized hand for that stage. Later at the same table, another Kenny who goes by Bad Hat was on the button with me two off. I got a little frisky in an unopened pot with A9 of diamonds. Keith made a joke of me going after his blinds again but at the same time he suggested I had a real hand.

To be continued...


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