Squandered Opportunity in Multi-Table Poker Tournament Part 2

At some point Monkey got moved to my left. Perhaps, it's merely a consequence of going fairly deep a lot, recently, but I can't seem to play a tournament without some Monkey table time. The monkey dial was on charm today, and the rest of the table was enjoying the repartee. One guy folded twice saying he didn't want to bust him and become blog fodder for sucking out on him.

I've said it before, and Will claims it's not a tactic, so I'll call it a gift, but his table banter is dispersed with surgical precision and gets him pots unchallenged. Must make live vs. online Texas Hold 'Em a lot easier. Perhaps this is a big edge for him in live poker and a hurdle he has to clear with online poker where there is just as chatbox. I don't care what anybody says (anonymous bashers on his blog) the guy is as skilled as they come at navigating these types of live fields. There is certainly a talent to slither through danger, to apply pressure when necessary and to do it as successfully as he does. He looked really in the zone (saw on facebook he made the money).

I thought to myself at one point that our table really wasn't making many mistakes. The excitement would come when a couple of big hands would clang into each other and though we were 15 or 20 from the money it felt like we are already on the bubble with cautious preflop play. People were just waiting for a mistake.

I come back from dinner, Sparky and I thinking we had 10 minutes more only to discover seconds on the break clock and rush to my seat. I see an enchanting AQ suited from early/middle position. I fire out a bet, folded to the button, who brusquely announces raise and buts 5k on top.

It's folded back to me. Okay this is a straight forward fold. If I call I'm committing close to half my stack. If I shove he ain't folding and he could have me crushed. I stew. Perhaps, it was the dearth of big hands to see a flop with earlier in the day but something wouldn't let me fold. I freely admitted I had no idea what to do as I counted my chip stack. I sat there and thought about Howard Lederer's concept of leverage and how you can bet just enough to box a person in. Well, this guy had applied leverage and I didn't like being the box. I just didn't feel settled from dinner and knew I had to let go, but I wasn't. Then he kind of verbally challenged me a bit, and like the fish I was I bit.

For a weird reason I called to see the flop. Probably not the right option. I gave myself the opportunity to stop and go... or maybe check fold. Which is probably (excuse me IS) a bad use of my remaining stack. It came Queen high. I check, fully feeling beaten but knowing I'm boxed in a corner. He shoves. I call. I left feeling fairly embarrassed. The guy was new the table and I had no read or information to think my pedestrian AQ was good.

I had this thought that because of his big chip stack and antagonistic behavior he was looking to table bully (let's just say he leveled me and I bought it hook line and sinker), but really when you break it down it was quite simply an egregious mistake on my part just before the cusp of the bubble with a near average chip stack.

Yeah, when I hear my friends getting bad beated left and right, and I'm winning every coin-flip, I know I had a great chance to go deep on this day and donked out like a stooge.



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