Addressing my own leaks in poker part I

Online poker perhaps because of the speed of it, is maybe a better crucible to self-examine your leaks. In live poker some of them manifest in different ways but when I see some of my online poker weaknesses extend to the real felt I need to take stock again of my game.

After going over some of my hands, I was surprised to see a facet of my game I do better on the Internet than I do live. I thought it'd be just the opposite, but I think this is a little bit of anamoly, albeit true for a lot of Texas Hold 'Em players. However, I also think when the leak exposes itself when I'm playing poker online it's more dangerous. I'm being kind of vague sorry...

The leak is making good folds after good folds. I think all of us wannabe players have a limit on how many times we can lay down good hands. And I think this seperates the truly great players from the rest of us. They don't have a limit on making the correct play. I think that limit, at least for me, differs on a live table vs. an online table.

Perhaps there are some contributing factors, like it's easier in live play to know you are beat, so often times you might make the crying call online and lose the hand, which is a bit of pressure release for your frustrations than folding time after time and not seeing the better hand (to know for sure). Which can maybe save you money later on a bigger hand where you might think I can't be beat again and get your money in bad.

This weird cap on my capacity to make lay-down after lay-down almost suggests that I'd be better off making some bad calls for small pots. It's like getting rivered and figuring it out, or knowing when you I'm beat even if I started ahead can only save me a finite amount of money in live play. I don't know if it's six or seven hands live but around hand seven or eight I'll make a frustration call and get my money in bad even though I know it.

Then I won't be able to stem the flow.

Take a recent cash game. In LP I raised with KJ o/s, a guy on the small button called, an EP limper shove for twice my raise, and though I didn't like it I called. The button called again. Flop game jack high. I put out a tricky smallish bet in relation to the pot. For a couple of reasons. One, maybe to induce a play from him, or two to build something in the sidepot in case the EP limper had shoved with a high pocket pair.

The button confused took the bait and called. I figured I only had to sweat an A or Q but I really thought he had an underpair instead of overs so even if one of them came I was planning on betting. The turn was a brick. Now, I put in a half the pot bet and got a call which I was fine with.

The river was an 8 and the guy kind of flinched. I had planned on check calling him, as I thought I had value to catch a hand like 1010s making a play at the pot (or attempting an incorrect value bet), and three barreling might get him off the hand. The flinch made the check all the more reasonable.

He pulled out a stack (100) and his hand was shaking. What?


Tiltin Texan said…
with all this folding, how do u win? and what do you call a "brick" when u have him on unders and overs? Just me offering no help or insight with sarcasm.
C.S. said…
You should try folding some time, it's fun. Good point about the brick, don't remember what it was but it didn't effect the hand. At the time I determined if he hit a baby set, oh well, I'll pay him off. Luckily, he telegraphed his hand on the river when he did hit it, and saved me a hundo. Unluckily he got to the river.

Really hard to put call stations on hands, I didn't know where I was, I thought I was ahead, until I was beat on the river, but I didn't have any certainity until the end.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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