Addressing my own leaks in poker part 2

I scanned the board. There were some bad straight draws but with the action they didn't make sense . Did he have an overpair the entire time and was stringing me along? I couldn't figure out how I was beat, but I felt beat. Such is poker sometimes. He looked very confident and then he started jabbering... he foolishly said, "I didn't think you had a jack, if you had a jack you would have paid me off by now." Paid... me... off... by... now...

This wasn't some complicated level, I thought it was just an unfiltered genuine sentiment. Everything said I was beat. I flashed the jack to the players next to me and folded. He turned over a rivered set of 8s. I groaned. He told me again I didn't fold a jack. Impossible to fold a jack there. I said, "a lot players would have folded it faster than I did."

And with that fold, I promptly went on tilt. It was the sixth or seventh such lay down. It was exacerbated because in trying to build the pot I got the guy to come along to the river... where he made his hand. Of course, then I started to try to protect my hands and just scoop a pot, but now to them I smelled like bleeding meat in the ocean, and I would get called by players who ignored the fact i was pricing them out and they started hitting.

My final hand was embarrassing with KJ, again, in late position I threw out a raise in a limped pot.

Button called and big blind called. Flop was king high. Big blind led out for a pot sized bet. I called. Turn a brick. He fired out most of my stack. Here was the laydown I was too frustrated to make and why it was an excellent bet by him if he was reading that frustration.

Obviously, I was beat. I mumbled K8 to myself (top two flopped). I shook my head and fired in the rest of my chips with second best against an opponent who had been nitting it up. It was practically impossible for this guy not to have the best hand in that spot. Sure enough K8.

So, now I'm going to figure out a way to plug this frustration leak. A walk around the casino? Online, I guess there are so many hands being dealt that it is easier to fold time after time when you get into bad spots whereas live if feels like you have less opportunities. This is one of the reasons I’m almost afraid to play Omaha.

Dan Walsh and others have tried to get me to add that to my options. The selling point is there are a lot more bad players playing Omaha these days then No Limit Hold ‘Em poker. However, if laying down second best hand is tilt inducing, and watching made hands get caught up to, I’d imagine that would make Omaha really difficult for me.

I suppose I should talk to Brandon Jarrett who excels at that game and consider getting some coaching if ever make the jump. Obviously, I’ve played half and half with fixed limits for Omaha. One night, my first night ever playing it at Boomtown when Harrahs was shut down after Katrina, I crushed it without even knowing what I was doing.

I still remember the huge hand I won dumbly. I had a pocket pair of aces. That must be good. It got capped on every street with almost the entire table playing… and I’m guessing chasing two different straight draws and two different flush draws. And they all missed. I scooped with just my pair of aces. At the time the biggest pot I ever won. Obviously, I had no clue what I was doing. Such is poker sometimes.


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