Harrahs Poker Tournaments Part5

Now the guys eyeballing me again still not sure if he's going to call the "2k" raise."

"That's $500, $1500, that makes $3000, that makes the 35... that makes $4000. Right?'

She basically rolls her eyes not listening to me. Let's just say I was a little pissed.

She decides she'll count it down again, for me, the idiot in seat 9. "One thousa... oh..." and from this point she's genuinely apologetic. Oblivious to all the ways she's affected action prior to miscounting, but tuned into how gross a mistake her latest was, so at a minimum, her contrition bought her some sympathy from me. Not much but some.

"It's $4000!" She announces again aggressively.

Now Humberto Brenes wannabe who was wracking his brains trying to decide to call a $2k pot quickly picks up two thousand more. At this point, he went from probably deciding he could call 2 thousand, to immediately deciding he can call double the bet. He barely even considers how much of his stack it is.

He smiles at me, "I'm on a straight draw."

I nod, my interest in the hand waning with every passing moment of the fiasco, I'm just ready for resolution and my poker face is out the window at this point. I say, "I'm sure you are" and shrug. This is the type who views a poker tournament as any type of casino game and god bless him if wants to play online casino, or casino blackjack or casino roulette, but don't blow up somebody else's tournament.

At that moment maybe he saw something, weakness, defeat, whatever... he calls. The dealer again starts to sweep my chips...

My side of the table in unison, say the hands not over.

The crazy lady on the button is now thinking about joining her male counterpart. How her decision tree couldn't have resolved itself during Brenes' stewing, and the dealers three counts of my chips is beyond me. But she had to have attention to her as she thought (I guess). Okay, we get it you limped in late position with a real hand. No, not hollywooding she starts thinking.

I'm thinking what were you thinking about before. Here's her decision tree: Okay this guys is either going to 1. Fold. 2. Call. or 3. Reraise. If he does 1. I am going to a. Call or b. fold. If he does 2., I am going to A. Call, B. Fold, or C. Reraise. if he does three I am going to A. Call, B. Fold, C. Reraise. Arguably only it does 3 should she be unprepared on her decision. Not only that the guy basically telegraphed he was calling for half the deliberation so she should already have made up her mind.

Grrrrrrrrr.... Titlting all around.

Finally she folds.

Dealer who was just ready to sweep up the pot at any second just sits there. Umm... hand's right.

Humberto turns over the stellar holding of K3 of diamonds. I had A4 of diamonds. I got a 2/3 shot to win. Actually suprised. The lady folded A9. She actually had the chips to make that call. I think if Humberto had folded she probably would have too, but I don't know.

No need to say how the board ran out, other then to point out the only card of interest popped up on the river.

However, that one dealer... turned me into mr. f'ing anal. I couldn't stop myself from fixing dealer mistakes even when I wasn't in the hand. Which is a shame because for the most part the dealers are top drawer. They've kept the games moving and rarely made mistakes.

I like dealers we are discussing having a profile of a dealer of the month in the magazine. If you have any dealers you want to recommend please send us the suggestions and Gulf Coast Poker Magazine we will consider them for a future issue.


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