Harrahs Poker Tournaments Part 2

With the poker table open for poaching I got to chip accumulating. One problem, the girl took most of the chips with her. Then I recognized Summer4All, a cagey online poker regular from Houma, was in seat two. Guy knows how to bob when you weave, and zag when you zig. So, I can't say the entire table was passive weak.

He mostly avoided me. He was quiet and locked in with his sunnies on, steadfast and determined. I doubt he even heard me say "What up," or "Nice Pot" or "Nice Hand," because he had such laser focus on the table that he wouldn't reply. I stopped trying because really when a conversation is that one sided you might as well have it in your head.

I did get some recognition from him when I called a guy down with second pair after the spade draw missed. I stewed, and put him on what he had. I called and he had ace high. When I showed the pair of 9s, Summer4All said "Now we are playing some poker." When I play online poker or live poker it's nice to get recognition from your peers. Even if the guy will mainly only play poker online I still respect his opinion of live players.

It felt good to hear him acknowledge my call. After that I didn't have much in the way in resistance. I squandered some chips trying to isolate the short-stack big blind's any two cards with A10 suited. He woke up to KoJack and made trips I believe. Several people complimented him on his set.

By the way folks, A SET is when you have a pair in your hand, Trips is when you catch two cards on the board to go with the one in your hand, though I think some people call a set trips as well. Meaning some believe Trips is both a set and normal trips. I think they are separate things, please for the love of Pete, Paul, and Mary stop calling trips sets.

Speaking of pet peeves I hate that annoying table captain that can't keep his mouth shut and corrects the dealer. Unfortunately, I was that guy no fewer than three times this week, where I was a step slow and slowed up things pointing out an error that wasn't there. WTF? How did I become that guy. I hate that guy.

No offense to the dealers, most were great, but a couple made serious errors against me earlier in the weak and I think predisposed me to not trust anything they did. I'll blog about one in a later post. However, after stopping action and then pointing out the mistake where I caught that I was the one making the mistake "He bet $600 and put out a $1k chip and $100 chip, and you gave him... five... $100 chips... never... mind, nevermind. My bad." I was being fairly peaceful and apologetic. Of course, the dealer wanted to explain if excruciating detail why I was mistaken even after I caught the error. Fair enough--probably deserved that mental anguish penalty.

I just read a dealer on 2+2 bitching about players making change for themselves. He can't believe the audacity. Slows up his pitching and his rythym. He doesn't even credit them for attempting to be helpful, it's like the very act bruised his pride a little bit. F'me for trying to make collecting the pot a little simpler. This is something I do and had no idea some regarded it as insulting and more a burden than a favor.

So, this girl dealer was being a little slow trading the change for the antes and I decided halfway through her shift, to throw out a hundred, collect the 50 from the guy beside me and then point to both us when she collected. She didn't seem to mind and it helped speed things up a bit.



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