Harrahs Poker Tournaments Part 3

However, after reading that post, this is not something I do without trying to determine if the poker dealer is quick or slow, and if they are the type to recognize it as being helpful. So, in essence I wait til they get into the routine and deal a couple of hands before starting. This girl thanked me and things picked up.

She finished and another girl sat down. They had the same body type but looked nothing alike. That girl promptly f'd things up. Me and the guy to my left had hundreds. She picked up the 25s from the two guys to our left and made change, then she switched to the other side of the table and then came back and asked the guy to my right for his 50.

He was in swell mood already and I think was talking to somebody. "I put it up."

Me and an older gentleman tried to explain that she had already made change with his ante.

Then the guy, turned to me angrily and said, "If you would stop screwing her up by making
change we wouldn't have this problem." Well this guy needed to go to etiquette school or poker school or something.

"It's a different dealer," I tried to whisper.

"No, it's not," he let it be known there would be no whispering.

"She just sat down," I whispered again.

"No, she's been here the entire time you've been making change."

"Well, first off, she made the change that time, I didn't..."

"Right but she wouldn't have been screwed up if you hadn't been making change..."

"It's a different dealer..."


"Dealer, did you just sit down?"

"It's my first hand."


"See, I don't make change for a new dealer."

"But you've been making change all day."

"What does that have to do with her."

"Dude, it's just a joke... It's a bad joke."

(What?) Okay... maybe it was a joke. We were playing around all day, but it sure didn't feel like a joke. I couldn't decide if this guy just didn't want to admit he was wrong about three different ways and didn't want to admit it, or was playfully joking with me as he was very dismissive about the competence of dealers anyway, or what.

When I sat down I woke up to a borderline shoving hand and pushed over some limpers. The dealer said "You came all the way over here to do that" and the same guy was stunned I wasn't pissed.

"You're not irate?"

"No, everybody was already in one big fold move so it didn't effect action."

"But it could have."

"Yeah, perhaps it could have induced folds."

"Dealers should the f up about the action."

Yeah, I had seen and heard a few dealers this week saying remarks that could influence decisions and that is a big pet peeve. And in tournaments where that has happened including the Harrahs weekly I've tipped less. That day felt a little different. I felt like it was fairly neutral but the guy did have a point.

If it can be interpreted either way and therefore can affect a decision, whether intentional or not, it has no place in the game. Similar to dealers that automatically count when a player is all in. I hate that. Unless, they have a rule saying that have to, and some dealers have told me that in the past, those chips should speak for themselves. I've even heard dealers automatically count without anybody asking and say, it's only 2000 more. The "only" pisses me off more than anything. Sometimes the stack could be a slew of small chips and look deceptively bigger than it really is and the player is ready to muck and the dealer offers his two cents.




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