Harrahs Poker Tournaments Part4

What got me correcting dealers was this hand from a bust out in an earlier poker tournament. I had played snug all morning and never shown anything down but big cards. I got so short I called with a small pocket pair from the blinds and it held but that was the only borderline hand selection the table had seen.

Anyway, this crazy guy limps from under the gun, another two limpers including a crazy woman, neither of whom I wanted to play with for too big a pot. They'd play any draw and it was just a question of whether they'd hit or not. They certainly needed to brush up on their poker strategy.

I look at Arag suited. I know it's a bad hand but it's definitely the best hand here based on the players. I have ten times the limp ($400) in my stack. Which is about 1/3rd to 1/2 the cray guys stack.

He's mulling it over. He says I have a straight draw. At this point I figure I'm racing as a big favorite and am willing for him to come in and let the cards do the talking. Then the dealer grabs my chips and starts counting them out. I glare at her, and another guy who I'm friendly with and has made a few final tables catches on, and says "He didn't ask for a count."

The dealer gets confused and stops, she's kind of pissy about it.

The guy in the hand is confused not realizing someone else essentially told her to stop. "What, how much is it?"

"You have to ask for a count, I'm not supposed to just count them," pissy tone of voice and she kind of looks at me.

The guy eyes me like I was the one that told her to stop. He looked like a younger Umberto Brenes and acted that way too, except instead of annoying people by chomping a shark in people's faces he'd call on gutterball draws hit his hands and not reraise his opponents river-bets.

Looks like I'm getting a call.

"Count em!" He said enthusiastically.

She counts them wrong, off by about two thousand--or half my chips. It already appears I'm weak, I decide to wait for her to correct her mistake. She doesn't. None of the other players catch her either.

The guys still stews.

Now, I'm seething on the inside.

I say, "How much do I have?"

Pissy dealer counts again and makes the same mistake. I don't even know how she's missing it. 1 1k chip, 1 $500 chip, $1500 in black chips (three stacks of five) grouped together that's 3k. Another stack of five black chips, plus $500 in green chips that's 1k, so 4k total.

The guy has them in his hand. Well, at this point the pot better be right. The funny thing is, there are still people left to act and she puts her hand down cupped as though she is about to sweep the chips into the middle--What? I have to stop her, he hasn't even called yet and they haven't even acted.

She waiting for him to fire 2k into the pot and it appears she's going to sweep my chips in the same motion when he does. I grab her hand.

Still pissy she turns and glares at me, I smile "I'm sorry how much do I have."

She's oblivious "$2000, you have $2000."

"Wait, I think... well, let's just count."



Anonymous said…
Sounds like that dealer should be fired....she obviously doesn't know what the hell was going on!

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