Coaching Update and more

The gentleman I've been working with has been very kind in his praise of what we've worked with. He's also told me about some huge pots he's won where he's applied some little things we've discussed. And he's been running great. You want to feel like a successful poker teacher when starting a poker school have students that run great after your coaching sessions.

He had an over 2k day yesterday on 1-2 and scooped a giant $1100 pot and later a $600 pot off a guy he got a read on using one of my strategies. Wow, that makes me feel really good. That's a great day for 1 -2 especially considering without the donkley poker tournament yesterday there were mostly just your daily nits. The biggest thing was he trusted his read, believed in it, and let the other guy dig his own hole. Early on he picked up some information on the guy--when he had a big hand and when he didn't.

On one hand he looked down at aces (poker is easy) but picked off a tell of strength from the wild loose player at the table. The guy made his standard 14x raise (yes, one of those maniacs we all hope to look down at Aces against when he is driving the action), and my man smooth called.

One other player rode shot gun. Flop came Jack high. The other guy pushed out $125. My Man raised and the target called. Third wheel saw he was overmatched and begrudingly got out of the way. Turn was another ace (poker is really easy). A check by my guy, maniac puts out a big bet. Hollywood by my man and a call. River was another Jack. Another savvy check by my guy, as he knew the maniac would bet and bet he does, maniac shoves for the rest of his 900 stack. Snapped off.

He knew the other guy had a hand like Kings or Queens (it was queens) and he didn't scare the guy away. Granted the turn and river made it a lot easier for him, but he extracted maximum value. He knew where he was in the hand and knew the opponent would put his chips in for him. He showed the appropriate fear of a scare card which might motivate Kings or Queens to think their hand was good and checked twice to induce the action.

That being said he deserves a lot of the credit for this hand (okay the dealer gets a lot of credit too). However, if he didn't know the opponent was strong he might have fired out some small bets and minimized his earnings. I'd much rather have a 2000 day myself but hearing about it really made me feel good. So weird, but when I hear about my friends poker success I get a gentle buzz from it, I love to hear about big pots they dragged. I know sometimes when people are running bad they might resent someone else's momentary monetary success but I guess I'm lucky because in those situations when I hear the stories retold I almost feel like I'm also winning.

BTW, I got a ton of respect for my man's overall playing ability and I'm impressed how quickly he's digest the little tricks I use and incorporated them into big returns.

What I'm a little scared about is he's also running good or should I say he's running really good. What happens when he makes the right play because of a read and then gets sucked out on three or four times in a row. It's so frustrating to figure out where you are in the hand time and again, and then get punished for making the correct razor thin call.

We have another session scheduled for this weekend and I'm going to bring to the table a few more tricks. He's also gearing up for the tournaments next week and I think he'll have a good showing. He's really tuned in, has a lot of confidence, and can handle the buy-ins without a thought. Our big area of focus will be bubble and early money play. He's found himself in those situations quite a bit (I told you he was good) and believes the difference will be reading his opponents. He sees others getting away from hands and exploiting weakness. I think he's added a lot to his arsenal and will feel more comfortable in that stage of the tournament.

Oh yeah, in the second pot he knew the guy had nothing and called him down for 600 with just an ordinary hand, I forget the details but how fun is it to dominate somebody like that?


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