World Cup: World 0 Goals 0... Bet on Ties IV

I understand how wrong I am about baseball and don’t even bother too much trying to enumerate the subltities to my friends. Anyway, back to the ball…

So with new viewers watching, many of them intrigued by newsports betting odds players sky the ball on every free kick they don’t even see these world class athletes make the impossible seem routine. The players are struggling to develop touch. How's that make the new bettors and new fans feel? They'd be better off trying cricket betting. One of the clichés in soccer that is oft-repeated when a team like the U.S. is in qualifying for the World Cup, “You make that mistake against a real team they’ll make you pay for it.” Not true this year.

Nobody is making anybody pay for anything. Well, with one notable exception. The Germans are. Guess what they played with the Jubliani ball all year in their Bundesliga and had an unreal passing accuracy rate of like 90% in their first game against a little bit overrated Australia team. They had the touch necessary to pass, shoot, and dance with the ball that every other team has lacked. They’ve always been the turtle to the hares of international soccer and once again it seems they were the only ones with any common sense when it came to the ball. I imagine come next world cup, whatever ball they use, every league will be playing with it for six months prior to the games.

The irony is every four years Addidas changes the ball, with the unstated intention of upping the goals, by making it harder for Goalies to track the ball and catch it. This year, the ball may be so radically different it’s effecting the on field players more than the goalies and is actually the culprit in the terrible shooting expositions.


The only thing worse than the vuvuzelas is everybody complaining about the vuvuzelas. Still, the players lament they can’t hear anything, TV viewers turn the channel because they think the channel’s audio is screwed up, and people that live near airports prefer to open their windows for background ambiance and I can’t say I blame them. Let’s be clear, this is a South African thing, not a soccer thing.

In South Korea, they had organized cheering with those noisemakers they back together in Asian baseball games, and it was equally onerous though far less disjointed and random. In Europe, the background noise is singing and chanting which enhances viewing the sport, in Brazil and other places in Africa there are drums and dancing. It’s carnival in the stands. You almost want to turn up the party.

Still, the vuvuzellas have turned any game into a Indiana Pacers Reggie Miller era playoff atmosphere. Remember when they pumped in sounds of racecars. So it’s not a one it’s all game and I think the players aren’t producing well offensively because they aren’t communicating well. It’s a little bit easier to hold shapes on defense but just like the NFL or NBA moving the ball and keeping the ball requires teamwork and communication. I’ve seen examples where goalies and defenders have gotten crossed up and pointed to their ears, for the most part this hasn’t created any goals, so I know it’s loud.

The effect on play and reaction of the viewers to the vuvuzellas is a shame because as a whole this is the one soccer event the United States has tolerated with more than passing fancy. Yet, the entire field has looked weak, defensive, and ineffectual. Having watched most of (all?) of the games during babysitting and online poker I'm pretty disgusted.


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