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I'm going to be all over the board today. As excited as I am about the World Series of Poker I'm even more so about the World Cup. Though I love that Jacob Naquin and Gabe Costner have gone out there and gotten cashes early. That's exciting and making me so wish I was there. I'm going to be doing enough WSOP writing in other places that I'll mostly skip it here, for now.

-I'll give you an idea of what direction I might go with my online betting afterward, but first who I'll be rooting for. First the U.S., second England and third West Germany. West Germany? I lived there as a kid and they always made me feel at home. I went to an English school, remember very recently us, the Brits and the Russians occupied three pieces of Germany. I lived in the British piece and consequently went to the English school, developed an English accent (long sense gone), and a passion for footy. My betting tips may not be useful as it's been a long time since I was last there, but extact whatever information you want from these scattered thoughts.

Pulling for Germany is a bit like rooting for the U.S. and Cuba in our hemisphere but you make weird choices as a kid and stick by them. You can never count the Germans out but I don't know what to think about their team this year. England is highly touted but I'm a doubter. The core has in my opinion underachieved to the point that I think maybe they are overrated.

I'm a Liverpool fan but I think Steven Gerrard has seen better days and after Wayne Rooney much of the creativity is going to be up to him, so that can’t be a good thing. Last World Cup a younger Frank Lampard looked more like Frank Lamppost. Though, I’ve long doubted that guy at Chelsea and he consistently proved me wrong.

Hopefully, the Brits underachieve in game one as they often do (though they seem to be taking the U.S. very seriously and devoted a lot of preparation to us), and then make a nice deep run. I think all three teams, yes, even the U.S. could make it as far as the semi-finals. England and Germany have slim chances to go one step beyond.The favorites have to be Spain and if not for their ability to choke in the big moment (last Euro excluded let's be honest even Greece has won a Euro) I'd be all over them. I like the Netherlands as a dark horse and they might well be Spain's equal. Brazil can and has won anywhere. Argentina can't seem to keep it together with Maradona steering the ship but can you count them out. Same with Portugal.

I'm going to pass on the Ivory Coast. Sven? Are you serious? People are picking him to lead that team to the promise land. I'm also passing on France and Italy (though I looked foolish for doing the same four years ago). Too old. Besides France went on a basically a camping trip with go-cart racing, rifle shooting, and all sorts of nonsense to prepare for the world cup. Maybe if you have chemistry issues you do a little bit of that but to me those things are distractions not preparations.

In last years Confederations Cup the U.S. had Brazil beat. Then they remembered they weren’t supposed to beat Brazil and Brazil remembered they don’t lose to the U.S. To me that psychological barrier was readily apparent and I don’t think the U.S. has gotten over that mental hurdle this go round. Despite ending Spain’s record unbeaten streak in the same tournament the U.S. wilted and gave away a 2 nil lead.

When I hear the players discuss their World Cup chances I hear the same acceptance of their place in the Soccer World. Hey, I'm also doing a World Cup pool email me to get in. Buy-in is only $25, it'll make your summer more interesting.


United113 said…
Brazil...They finally have a good defence and goalkeeper

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