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Lakers-Celtics - Why can't I get amped up for the NBA especially with this match-up? Seems like a great opportunity for a decent sweat via sports betting but I just can't pull the trigger. I hate Kobe Bryant. He's a rapist and he's not Michael Jordan. The Celtics should be easy to root for, yet, it's just hard for me to get emotionally invested in the NBA. Can't seem to do it.

The only times these guys seem to care about winning is at the end of their careers.
Oddly, it's at that time they should be trying to bank as much money as possible for their impending retirements (80% of NBA players (or more) are broke within a couple of years out of the league) rather than trying to capture missed opportunities they blew when they were young. They have it backwards. Lots of stars try this and some succeed (Boston two years ago with Pierce, Garnett, and Allen), but more often than not they fail (Karl Malone and Gary Payton to the Lakers to name one).

Should be interesting if the young free agents get things right. They should all get together to get their title with one year deals where they take a pay-cut (like their agents would every accept that) and then with legacy complete negotiate huge contracts around the league.

Let's go flyers! - You gotta love the spunk of the Flyers. Came into the playoffs as an 7 side, overcame a three game deficit in a best of seven series, a three goal deficit in a game seven, and made it to the Stanley Cup. This once team of destiney is once again on the ropes in an elimination game down 3-2 to the mighty Blackhawks. When you have a rooting interest Ice Hockey is a lot of fun to root for, if you need a betting interest here's some Ice Hockey betting odds.

Annoying commercials - Have you seen the State Farm guy? With that Charlie Sheen, is that a hairline or a wig fop, hanging over his face. Maybe because he's on every second commercial I'm ready to kick that guy to the curb. Used to be spokespeople were lovable, kinda of characters, now they are the annoying neighbors that shoot you a fradulent smile, and have a penchant for winking.

Recently, I found myself channel surfing and swept in by the ample cleavages of the Spanish TV network. Probably was Sabado Gigante. At least I'd be spared from that guy... umm no. Turns out he speaks fluent spanish and was featured in an ad for State Farm that was unique for the network. The weird thing is there is nothing I can put my finger on but something just grates me with that guy. Tell me I'm not alone?

Locals at the WSOP - Jacob Naquin, TK, Shannon Shorr, and a number of guys have cashed. I'm glad to see that. Sucks that a lot of guys have moved out to Vegas and Harrahs reports their hometowns as either Henderson or Las Vegas, NV. I probably miss a lot when I scan their reports.

Michigan Football - Am I the only person that thinks that a school can put itself on probation after it got cheating is the dumbest thing ever. Seriously... Remember double secret probation in Animal House. In college I used to represent a fraternity that thought of itself as Animal House (which fraternity didn't, even the guys that were obviouly the stuck up geeks from that movie reckoned they were the Delta house) but we were pretty close to it. I used to remember I'd go to IFC, the Inter-Fraternity Council, and we'd be in trouble for something new every week. Then they'd put us on probation.

I always wondered when we'd violate probation instead of just getting another week added to it. Why I left I think we had three years of probation to serve, yet we had an offense every week. More double secret probation? Okay. That's a bit like Michigan. You cheated, you got caught, and now you are going to put yourself on probation. That's as weak as saying you are never going to do it again. Uh-uh.

Annual Toby Day - This weekend we celebrate the life of our friend Toby Beaugh who was killed Mardi Gras day four years ago by a hit 'n run driver who got away in the thick of the night. Several crime cameras including one next to the police station he drove by weren't operating and despite raising a 20k reward nothing came of it. Sucks.

Toby became my best friend after I moved here with both of us in almost identical situations in life, in relationships and soon to wed. He beat me to the church. He always had something witty to offer, was always ready to jump to aid a friend in need, and never, ever said a bad thing about another person. I learned a lot from knowing him and am fortunate we were as close as we were. I've tried to take on some of his positive qualities and it's hard to do. I look forward to sharing some Toby stories on saturday (of course after watching the U.S. shock the world and beat England, he too was a soccer player and fan--so it'd be fitting), and seeing all his childhood friends from Lafayette that have since become my friends.


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