BIt of a Link Dump

I mentioned in my last post how the Police cameras in front of the police station weren't working. Turns out 4 years later nothing has changed.

Here's some videos to get me amped up for Saturday's World Cup game, good thing is win or lose we still have a great chance to get to the knock out stages where anything can happen:

Last time we played England they were heavily favored and pre-tournament picks to win the world cup. We brought a rag-tag bunch of semi-pros and beat them 1-0. The international reports didn't believe the score was accurate and reported it as England 10-0 or England 10-1.

This video is a little more recent. Facing improbablr odds the U.S. qualified for the second round by beating Egypt 3-0, and arguably outplayed Italy in a loss (where former American youth player Guiseppe Rossi scored to give Itlay the win). Then came Spain who hadn't lost a game in a record amount of international matches. Whoops. In the final, the U.S. was two up on Brazil until we woke up and said wait a second we are two up on Brazil in the finals. Still the game that got away. Enjoy the video. I see the Americans doing well this world cup with the whole team (minus Charlie Davis) returning after getting all so close last summer.


United113 said…
should both still qualify and both beat Algeria and Slovenia. will go down to goal difference
C.S. said…
Hope so. Slovenia scares me. Wish they had tied Algeria. We have a recent history of playing up to our competition and unfortunately down to it as well in world cups.

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