Poker, Vacation, Poker Vacation Whether Intended or Not

I've been away from poker from some time, both in a real world sense and as a blog author. I've played some poker online and have toyed a bit with the subtleties of different variations of poker like Omaha, but for the most part I've been away from the felt.

Well, I haven’t totally taken a vacation from poker. I said away from the felt… home games don't count because there is no felt there, unless it's Shannon Elisabeth's home game. Recently, I went on vacation with the wife's family in Venice Beach, FL. That's on the gulf coast side south of Tampa and it was a very relaxed almost tropical destination.

They didn't have the picture perfect white sands of Pensacola but they did have some of the best million year old shark tooth hunting in the country. Also, million year old Megladon teeth (giant GIANT sharks from the dinosaur eras). I found plenty of shark teeth but no megladon teeth. Those can range in value from $100 all the way up to 5k.

We did our searching in the water, just short of the beach where the waves crash. Actually, I didn't do much searching, my sister-in-law is an addict, and some of the others in the crowd there are as well, but I still bagged the biggest tooth when I went out on the last day. Might upload it when I get a chance.

By the way, the random photo of my boy is from an on the water restaurant there: Sharky's. Really good food. Conch Fritters were tasty so too the flounder with lobster and crab. I took the picture when the kid was enjoying his family. I was trying to send it to facebook via my phone and it ended up here. I am no mobile phone geek, clearly. I’ve said that before.

We also stole away to take a day trip to Disney World. Not Disney World proper. Our boy loves Mickey Mouse, and the Mickey Mouse club house. In fact, you just start humming the tune and he starts dancing. So, I found out about a character breakfast at the Polynesian were Mickey, Pluto, and Lilo and Stitch would be.

The video of the experience has definitely gone into the vault as an all time classic. The boy was pretty catatonic when meeting the mascots but he did warm up to them and start to figure out these giant fuzzy things were one and the same as his stuffed animals and computer animated TV heroes.

He had never met Stitch before (obviously) or seen the creature that looks like a blue Chincilla. We thought Stitch would be he’s least favorite but much respect to the man in the suit. Clearly the actor is the one responsible with bonding with the children and not the character he was wearing. This guy was the first to break our son into a smile and persevered over the dazed glare he got at first. Still, after the lunch I got the feel we were being hurried away.

My wife says not so much but I feel when three separate people ask you if you got to meet all the characters (with the silent implication there was nothing more to see) and your waitress says three or four times I’m not hurrying you… you are in fact being politely hurried. As I was able to ascertain they seat people in blocks of the restaurant, we got seated in a block where everybody else had already been there for some time. In fact, we were at our table 20 minutes after our reservation.


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