Okay back to some Poker Part 1

Well, that will be one of the subjects I touch on... but before I talk about Texas Holdem first things first...

... my health, a bad beat or not? I've gotten a few emails and messages in regard to one of our most outspoken GCP bloggers blog so it's time I set the record straight.

So I had a bad, bad kidney stone experience. While I was there getting the equivalent of the radiation of 320 X-rays, the CT scan saw something on my lung. That sucked. I'm the kind of person that worries about things when I need to worry about things. Some of my family, don't stop worrying about something even after there is no longer need to worry about it. One of my very close family once remarked, "I'd never take anti-anxiety drugs, I think I'd get too anxious from not being anxious." Parse that one at your leisure.

So, for fear of upsetting them, I decided to keep this close to my vest a little bit. I've also noticed as I've gotten older and expanded my family by one, that my "What me worry," attitude is a little disingenious. I got to say, I was fine compartmentalizing it until I got home and saw my 10 month old and started thinking of not being there for him. Wow... that's almost hard to write, but it is a frightening future. So yeah, I started to play out scenarios in my head a bit.

With the urging of my wife, I did a little research into this nodule on my lung, and saw a lot of comforting information on the internet. Tons of first hand accounts of people freaking out and then a pretty steady stream of level-headedness. I prefered the second. And, as one person commented if everybody did a CT scan just about everybody would have a nodule. Okay, no worries right?

I went to the doctor, and he basically asked me if had the symptoms of lung cancer. No. Okay, clean bill of health then, but we'll do another CT scan just to be sure. Which isn't exactly comforting considering with lung cancer once you are feeling the symptoms you were probably a little too slow in acting and the damage may already be done.

So, after some other tests and scans because of some other things that came up that could be connected, I get the second scan done (what a drain on time and finances a little bit). Nothing too big to report but I "do have the three nodules." Three nodules? I thought it was one nodule... No three. Oh.

Course my doctor never calls me back. That tidbit was from his assistant who I had to call to get him to track down the doctor's review of the scan. That day he wasn't there and his co-hort told me to get regular scans every three months. My doctor calls me later in the week and tells me considering everything and insurance I wouldn't need one for a year. Hmmm.

So anyway... I apologize to my friends and family that thought I was keeping something from them. I wasn't. I told only a few people, because I had been hard to get a hold of that week and told them the reason why.

So in short... there is nothing to worry about. I'll get some follow up scans, and just monitor things. All they need to do is make sure there is no growth because then it becomes a concern. Right now, all I can do is wait and check in again... and remember that this is probably a nonevent in terms of health. Lots of lungs have nodules mine are no different. Course I will be a little more careful treading in and around smokey casinos.


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