Soft Spots? Maybe me... Harrahs Bayou Classic continued...

Where was I? The Harrahs Bayou classic and the interesting poker of a couple of lunchboxes. You know the betting now what were the hands? Interested, so was the table and so was I, now we’ll finally get to see some Texas Holdem poker hands from these two lunchboxes.

Hitch turns over a pair of sevens. Idiot number two 98. Process that.
So basically, I’m waiting to catch a hand with these two and just value bet them large every time. They apparently can’t stop themselves from calling. Of course they start to feed the rest of the table their chips and I can’t catch a hand against them. That’s even more aggravating. There are all kinds of other bad plays that I just can’t wrap my head around far worse than when I poker tournaments online.

I talk to Alex Wood, who cashed in the first event, at one of the breaks seeking suggestions for how to handle a table that calls any raise, especially when I can get hit to c-bet and I’m usually playing four or five players. He suggests betting really big, I point out that 25x and 16x are being called fairly regularly with nothing. AK and AQ are good to open but if your opponent can’t fold bottom pair you basically just have to hit.

In that one daily tournament I got knocked out when I looked down at a low pair from the big blind. I had a little over 3k. Four people limp. I know the first two are going to insta-fold when I finally wake up with some aggression. They do. Idiot number two is stewing over a hand. The small blind indicates out of turn he’s mucking, though unlike the Beau I don’t think that influenced the decision of the the deliberator. I could feel myself getting looked up and down.

By this point, I know my hand is going to be a small favorite. Usually, I’m putting a semi-capable player on Ace 10, Ace Jack, Ace nine, King Jack, King Ten, maybe even King 9, Queen Jack, Queen 10, and sometimes Jack 10, with most of those hands folding. I look at idiot number two’s chip stack and see my shove represents about 80% of the stack. As the stewing goes even longer, I see that ESP movie play out in my head. What terrible hand am I going to get called down with, what terrible hand is going to surprisingly be in a 50/50 spot with me, and what terrible hand is going to run me down and send me to the rail.

I start thinking it’s going to be a middle ace which will surprise the table as having two overs. As it goes even longer I think of some of the bad beats I’ve suffered at the hands of people in the Harrahs tournaments. I recall k4 against my KJ shove where it of course came 44. I remember KJ calling my AA and getting a KKx flop in the money with three tables to go and us two the big stacks at the table, him the bigger stack. They all echo through my head.

I remind myself, I don’t have many chips so I can’t bitch about the call down when it happens (though isn’t that what I’m doing right now) but I also can’t believe the nitwit is about to call off most of their chips. The hand? Finally, I get the call, the small blind insta-mucks and it’s hello Q6.

I hear “What did he call him with?” “Q6?” Yeah it’s Queen six. I see the standard eyerolls that accompany any of idiot number two’s decision and then I watch the six pair on the flop. I see the and strengthen with a queen on the turn and head for the exit after a blank on the river.


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