Running on Ice at the IP Poker Series Part Deuce

Where was I? Oh, hitting you over the head with some garbage sentences. Okay , let me restate. I couldn't get a read on these people's logic for their decisions. One moment they’d be playing mostly passive. The next they’d be calling off with second pair. I don't know how to play Texas Hold'em poker against this lot. Just when you’d think they were ready to get steamrolled they’d get it in real bad against one another and you’d think what the Frick?

The reluctance to just hit the accelerator and cruise would later prove to be my downfall in one ugly near elimination hand. I’ll get to that later, probably in another post.

Early on I got jacks three times. I won a big pot when I hit top set. AQ paid me off when it shouldn’t have and I don’t even thing the guy rebought. Later against BJ I got JJ again and on a board of all babies he folded to my bet. I showed the jacks and he said he too had AQ.

The third time was the most interesting. I got jack-jack yet again. There were some limpers, this was one of many times I’d raise and they’d give up, but this time I got called by BJ. I forget what position he had. It was either his big blind or he was the button (pretty important difference I realize) but the hand played out on the flop. I bet pretty large committing half my stack to another three babies. He went over the top.

I thought for a while. The board was 9 high. I just had him on QQ or 1010. I knew I was going to call when I made my bet as I was pot-stuck, but he knew that too. Thus, I felt like I had to give him a better hand than what was on the board. KK and AA just didn’t fit with the way the preflop action went or BJ’s seemingly genuine hemming and hawing. QQ or 1010 did. One I was crushed and one crushed me. Maybe he had a lower set and was hollywooding but again his indecision before acting seemed genuine.

Crushing or crushed. That's not the feeling you want when you play poker tournaments. Finally, I realized that if I rebought I’d have almost the exact same amount of chips as he was leaving me with if I folded. Seems even more obvious I had to call (told you I was tired) with the pot now swollen. BJ actually left me with about 600 chips left, so I put them in blind on the turn.

He called and we were a little slow turning over the cards. I think I forgot that he formally called me at the end. He later said he wasn’t going to make me put the last of my chips in. It didn’t matter. As a straight hit the board for 1010 I turned over my Jacks thinking I was beat either way. He showed a pair of jacks himself. Oh nice hand. That was one of my better moments.

Two hands did me in. The first was one that I bet out after a couple of limpers had entered the pot. This lady on the button who I played with once in a Harrahs cash game came with me. The others dropped by the way side. She was in the small blind I think.

Flop came out A10x two spades. She checked. I watched her watch the flop and she didn’t offer up much. When I bet and she called, I figured she hit something. By the way I was sitting on AK. King of Spades. The turn was a club, now putting two clubs on the board. She checked again and I bet just because of the draws. She called.


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