IP Poker Tournament End of Series Personal Play Part I

Wish I played as well as they ran things at the end of the series. My end to the tournament series was marked by tired bad play. In the Texas Holdem freeroll we came back from break and I had a healthy chip stack with little invested into the tournament. I missed some hands were I whalloped the flop and there was of course plenty of action and I determined to see more flops. When I did, I mostly just scooped from position. Then the add ons.

Around the table there were mostly short stacks of yellows (1k chips) and nobody seemed to really get out too far ahead. I didn’t think too much of it. We played a couple of hands and I hit the big blind with A10 suited. Three limpers, the button joined and so too the small blind.

Alright, I’ll just take it down here. I fired out a healthy raise and all but the button folded. I looked at his stack and it seemed to about 3k in a mish-mash of greens blacks, a red and a couple of yellows. I had 9k left. I hit the ten and decided we were going to play for his stack with nothing but two littles to go with it. If he out flopped me, so be it.

I take and throw out 4 chips which I thought had him pretty easily covered. They bounce with conviction and linger. I’m expecting him to fold and move on.
Then to my surprise I hear him ask how much I have left.

What? He’s bouncing a 5k chip from who knows where next to his stack, which I guess they gave in the color up. I didn’t see it before, and I feel like it was behind his stack, but in fairness it easily could have been on top of it and I mistook it for a smaller chip. Though, if I still felt like it wasn’t visible during the hand. Guess I could have called over the floor. Especially as my dealer was from the cash tables downstairs to meet the demand.


He shoves all in. Okay. I’m probably beat and I probably should lay down. I remark I wouldn’t have bet that much if I knew how much he had left. I had some room to play with our stack sizes and I didn’t need to bully him off of overs.
Now, I have to decide if I’m going to call for most of my chips. He could have K10 I tell myself... even though I don’t believe it. I’ve seen him show some mediocre holdings some I’m expecting some odd two pair. I think there was two to the flush on board too but I’m not sure about that now.

Alright, I begrudgingly call and he shows pocket jacks. Hmmm. Not what I expected but crushing me nonetheless. Not exactly what I would call a poker bad beat either.

Next hand I can’t even pay the small blind. Get five way action. Then somebody gives me some protection with a largish bet. We turn over the cards and he’s got two overcards and a draw I think. Wow. I have a gutshot and two live cards. I hit the gutter ball and it’s over.

I’m almost healthy. I see an epic World Series of Poker Main Event interview with Norman Chad playing in my head as the new version of Jeffrey Pollack gives me my bling, “So, you couldn’t even pay your blind in the freeroll just to win a seat to get here, then you came all the way back won the seat, and then won the main event. What a play, what a player, what a…” daydream. The very next hand I hit part of the flop, got all my poker chips to the middle, but did not hit enough of it and soon I was hoofing it.


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