Bad Spots in Poker Tournaments...

After the success of the IP tournament I once again ran like the stuff at the bottom of my son's diaper at the Harrahs Bayou Poker Classic. For some reason no matter the game I play Texas Hold'em poker, Omaha, or Seven Card Stud, I can't get seem to play well or run well.

I had one or torrid streaks in the nightlys but despite the head start I got on my chip lead I found myself blinding down as the "turbo" caught up to me. They were called turbos but they really played more like a standard poker tournament for hours and then all of a sudden everybody was shortish. I think I'd rather it be a turbo all the way through than to be given so many chips that it only becomes a turbo right on the money bubble and the final tables. If only for the fact, that there is an illusion of patience early on that suddenly disappears when everybody is facing two branches of a decision. Jam or fold.

In the daily poker tournaments, I kept finding myself at great tables yet never seemed to get any traction. It's like I forgot to wear my Off! Donkey spray and got trampled by all the idiots at the table. I sat down at one table and watched one of my tablemates make mindnumbing poker play after mindnumbing poker play. Blinds 100-200 why not raise to 2500 then when the whole table folds show pocket kings. Why not do it twice!

You know those players that everybody at the table is making eyes at one another with any play that they make? Well, this person was one of those. Everybody at the table, even the other bad players would just shake their heads, roll their eyes, and express confusion with every play.

I watched this one player get locked into a hand with another turnip and I got tilted just from being on the periphery. Blinds were 50-100. The first player, decked out in WSOP gear, opened the action preflop with a bet, and put a hitch in their toss. You know when players are about to flip their chips out, kind of stop themselves with their wrists bouncing just short of the betting line, and then flick them out.

For some reason that tilts me a little bit, and for whatever reason, every person that I run into that does that with any regularity kind of blows as a player. They are certainly as a type, all about poker, dressed to the nines in mail order World Series of Poker gear, and though their ernestness is somewhat commendable, in general they seem to be the type of person that tries too hard. Somebody makes an aggravating poker joke for the 1000th time, (like the dead stack just sitting there is a tight player, not very talkative, yada yada yada) and this person man or woman will cackle with laughter.

So two of these types were going heads up, the first with the hitch in their pitch threw out a bet to 1000. The second player raises to 3800. We started with 9000 in chips. They both have more than the starting stacks. Hitch calls.

Flop comes jq8. Hitch bets 200. Idiot number two calls. Turn is 3. No flush draw. Hitch bets 1700. Idiot number two calls. River is K. Hitch leads out for 700. Idiot number two raises to 1400. Hitch stews forever and calls. Okay… that betting was crazy first off.

Second off, I’ve yet to see any hands these fools have shown so I don’t know what they hell they are doing. Crazy? Clearly. Crazy like a fox? I don’t know yet.

To be continued...


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