IP Poker Tournament Series Wrap Up

Once again another local poker tournament series has come and gone. There was a wide variety of poker games spread including partner and team events. Wanted to play in those but couldn’t. There was some Omaha, some Horse and a ton of Texas Hold’em Poker.

On the front poker news page that is gulf coast poker.NET the hypothetical IP poker Player of the Series was debated. Senor Monkey aka Will Souther had probably the most cashes and final tables. In most events you had to make a final table to cash, and some you had to make the top three. So he had a great series as usual and did so over a variety of events including Omaha poker.

He takes a lot of flack on his blog but it is hard to argue with the guys record as a live tournament player. He may make some moves that online poker players might scoff at, but he seems to know how to work the accelerator in these events as good as anybody. Why push small edges when he knows he can get his opponents to lay down later.

I'd guess Captain Tom had the most big cashes and probably was the biggest money winner especially if you count his 10k seat as part of his winnings. We play for the monies right? So edge to Captain Tom in that respect. He was in thick of things in every big prize pool and was orbiting around the rest of us like he was Major Tom. I watched him catch a couple of needed turn and river cards in one stretch in Event two when he won the seat, so even the best of us need some run-good to do good.

In the fictional IP Poker Series top ten, somewhere in there is Pamela Cobb from Panama City, myself, Rickey King, Rusty Moorer and some others. We got almost all the results on the front poker news page, and I’d imagine I might just make 10th. The dealer from St. Louis, Kim also would be in contention and probably gets the ladies crown for the same reason Captain Tom would get the overall title.

Wish this wasn’t hypothetical because, I love it when a tournament keeps track of performances like that, and really thought they might have gotten far more action if they gave a free seat to the top overall performer. I certainly would have carved out time for more poker events especially starting two for two.

At the same time there were a lot of faces that I didn’t see there. The buy-ins were too small I’m sure so without those guys it was a bit of a minor league baseball playoff. We did good but who knows if some of the “ballas” from the coast showed up.

Once again, I thought PTC Poker Tournament Consultants did a bang up job with the event.

When they nearly packed in 400 people to the freeroll you could tell people were willing to travel for freebies. You could also tell the staff were ready for the unexpected. Even as more and more players filed in and the chorus of “Rebuys” rang out through the room, they kept things in check and moving.

If I might make a suggestion to Jimmy Sommerfeld and it would be to perhaps do that freeroll on a Saturday, back it up with a 100 to 200 event (which most people would stay for) and then have your standard satellites on Sunday. That's if you have the same package deal available. I think people would stick around at the IP, book a room and play an inexpensive morning satellite too the next day.

Anyway, I thought the dealers did great and the floor staff as usual settled disputes with little fanfare and good old fashioned common sense. Great job everybody.


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