Running on Ice the IP Poker Series part quatro

After the break and when BJ called me a NIT for not double adding on (stuck to my game plan) the hand that killed me came up. I look down at AJ suited in mid-position. Besides the Jacks and AK I had basically been card dead so it looked a little bit like poker room hotness. Maybe when I Texas Hold'em poker online I'm less apt to play AJ because there is no such thing as poker room hotness. In live poker, any woman that walks into the poker room by virture of being the only woman there goes up about two points in poker room hotness. They aren’t hot in real life but they are passably hot in the poker room.

When you go card-dead it has the same effect on crappy starting hands like AJ. Suddenly they look like Aces. The guy to my immediate right had been limping all day, and all day I had been going over the top of him. This is the hand I teased in an earlier post. He had done it yet again. I felt I should raise here and see where I was against the rest of the field, but for some stupid reason I thought he might play back at me, and even though I was looking at AJ like it was poker room hot, I still knew all I had was measely Ace Jack.

I attributed that poor line of thought, thinking he would make a move on me, to the tiredness. No way that guy was making a move on me. He was probably in his mind clicking the box to Auto-fold again and cursing me as he saw me considering the raise. For some reason I decide to just limp.

The field mostly exits but the small blind joins in and the big blind checks.

Okay. What do I want to hit here? Two jacks would be nice, huh?

How about the nut flush draw. There it was king of clubs and four of clubs. The small blind checked and action got to me. I like to be my draws but I sometimes do it to the detriment of my position. I thought about that as I was acting. Why when you hold position on everybody not take a free card.

Did I mention I was tired. Sometimes, I’ll do this because it disguises the hand, and builds the pot for you if you hit later, or just takes it down there so you don’t have to hit, but it also opens the door to the check raise.

I met Mr. C.R. shortly after betting my draw as the small blind greased things with a large bet. Action got back to me. With two overs I should have probably just shoved but he only bet two thirds of my stack. Possibly he’d let me see the river for free with a check and I could even fold if I didn’t improve, so I don’t hate that move even if it’s passive. I also know that if he shoves the turn I have to call off because I’m pot stuck.

Here’s where my mind left me again. I’ve given no consideration to what he has so once again I've thrown poker strategy out the window. It’s unlikely he’d checkraise a bare king. So, my Ace is not giving me extra outs. Nor is it likely I have to overcards to say middle pair of fours. What hands are likely are four-two, four-four, two-two, or King-four/two suited. All hands that are just smacking the tar out of me.

The four comes on the turn and I don’t even process it. I just see him shove and follow suit. He turns over four-deuce for the unbeatable full house and I turn over my rags. I don’t even catch anything on the river to make me feel better for playing like such a moron. A couple of all-ins later and that was all she wrote for me.


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