Harrahs Bayou Poker Classic Continued..

As bad as the cards went, the end of the week got worse. The one exception being the poker online tournaments but I'll get to that. On Friday night I freerolled into the nightly with a cash win. I at least balanced my tournament binks with some solid tight cash sessions to lessen the damage to my bankroll. I didn’t play a single satellite or any of the Sit'n go tournaments which is unusual for me and I’m not even sure why.

In reflection, I wish I had. In events passed I won plenty of buy-ins chips in those satellites and really only suffered minimal bankroll damage. This go round the cash games weren’t quite matching the tournament buy-ins. In fact some of the cash games ended as losses. I used to prefer the smaller megas that gave away $500 chips with all the rebuys and madness yet for some reason they’ve done away with those.

So, back to the table, I like my spot, again, and inexplicably after amassing some chips tried an outright bluff on the only decent player at the table. Board came out paired two to a flush. I checked having missed my overs, he bet, and I throw out a third of my chips to take it down there representing trips. After a moment he shoves. I have to fold. I berate myself in my head. No need whatsoever to make that play.

I thought I could take down the pot and just went for it. I don’t mind following my gut and making mistakes but I do when perhaps discretion is the better play. I easily could have waited and I had no need to make a stab at that pot. The table dynamic wasn’t like the donkey slaughter of the noon tournaments it was one caller to the flop and there were soft spots.

A few more ill timed c-bets with air and I find myself nursing a short stack without the full options of a standard poker game. I’m back to waiting for hands. I’m not getting any either. Then I start getting these piercing pains in my calf. It’s like an bullet exploding in my left calf. It last for a few seconds and then disappears. It happens while I’m in hands and when I’m not.

Standing up and walking around does me no favors either. Nor does massaging it. In fact, touch seems to stimulate the pain and set off another explosive bout of agony. I’m looking for any excuse to fold hands and am just focusing on these weird calf explosions. I’ve since read about them and their reasons for happening are similar to cramps (though they feel far different and more intense than cramps). At the time I almost wanted to ask for my buy-in back and just leave.

Soon enough I got knocked out. I ran into similarly knocked out players Davey and Parfait and we walked to Slice to get some pizza. The walk seemed to abate the explosions. The little I eat and I drink during the week have to had something to do with the pain. Eating and drinking must have helped out.

Kind of symbolic pain I felt for this past week and a half of tournaments. It was the nipping at my flesh by the idiot donkeys that made bad play after bad play only to get rewarded for it. On the whole, I can’t complain, I found myself in nooners getting run down multiple times, and yet it took hours for me to get eliminated. I kept getting coolered and making solid folds where in other tournaments I’d be married to the hands. The structures were an A plus.


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