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I'm trying to get amped up for all the poker on the Gulf Coast in the next couple of weeks. The IP is running poker tournaments concurrently to the Beau Rivage. Is this good poker strategy? At first glance this may seem like they are splitting up a rather small pool of poker players and we'll have to see if that is the case. I hope not.

I hope it means they are expected a huge turnout and I have to say I think with the timing of the Beau Rivage event being a little bit after the PCA they may just get that. A lot of the poker pros will be heading back to the mainland with a layover in Miami which is just a hop away to Biloxi. Ignoring the trouble of connecting flights and looking at it just from a geographical perspective this might mean the biggest turnout on the coast in some time--and hoping that's the way it's looked at by the returning poker players.

Course, those are mostly deep pocketed online and live pros that MAY be coming. The IP's event will draw the lesser staked players and there might not be more of them. Or will more turn out because of the WPT nature of the event and the fact pros are going to be there. I think the Buzz is pretty good around it and I hope they can duplicate the success Tunica once enjoyed running two poker tournaments at once.

That being said unless the IP's structures are amazing, they probably are, why are people going to drive a mile away to their nightlys? Well, the poker monkey bounty would be a good reason to. I hope for Will's sake the IP takes him up on the offer. I have an idea for the name of the promotion: Shock The Monkey.

Course with that name you could take it a step further and put a Brandon Cantu like slant on things. Maybe if one particular poker player busts Monkey in multiple events he not only wins the bounty but also gets to taser said Monkey. That'll get the friends of TPM and the haters to IP. Heck the Beau might be a ghost town. Doubt the IP could sanction the part about tasering good ol' Monkey but it's a thought. I'd imagine if Monkey agreed to the tasering he'd want more than just his buy-ins paid for--I know I would lol.

Sounds like they'll get around 360 for the first event at the Beau which is pretty good. I won't be able to make it to the coast until next week at the earliest and even then it's a bad week for me. Got Daddy day care and we still aren't really settled after going away for Christmas. Course the Christmas bills have piled up and I need to play again. Then again, if I have a couple of bad showings could be a tight month.

On top of that the van I recently got, yeah I drive a mini-van, I know it's not cool but it's one of the minuses of being a daddy, seems to be acting up. Weird random lighting up of dashboard lights and some overrevving and strange gear shift changes. I check the owners manual on how to add Automatic Transmission Fluid after seeing I'm near empty and it doesn't even tell me where to put the stuff in. I go online and discover the spot for it. Only problem it's buried under about four other pieces I'd have to take out of the car. I'm no grease monkey so that ain't going to happen.

Thing that sucks is while I'm looking for this information I find a scary website forum about class action lawsuits, and all these people that experienced the same problems I'm facing right before their transmission practically fell out of their cars. These are people that meticulously maintained their maintenance, and the policy of my carmaker is to deny, deny. The last two model years before mine have won their suits, my model year is in litigation. Awesome. Turns out, if I have the same affliction I'm headed for a huge bill, AND a stubborn dealership and corporate bullshit to wade through. Sweet.

To make matters worse, my other car has been on the fritz but because I've had the van, I've kind of ignored it. Now it's back to being the primary vehichle and next week I'm likely going to have to take both cars in. So... nothing like pouring money into a hole. Which brings me back to poker. Just kidding. At least I'm extracting money out of that hole but as I've been able to play so rarely it's adding up. See my resolutions... play more.


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