Online Poker Tournament part 2

So where were we? I was playing an Omaha poker tournament and large multi-table Hold'Em tournament. The Hold'Em tournament was a grind until I got hot. Then Omaha tournament (Hi-Lo) was anything but a grind as the action was fierce and I was snatching pots left and right.

Then as it is supposed to do the No Limit Hold 'em tournament changed. I collided with a big stack and my stack was healthier for it. That double up was nice. Suddenly I was the big fish in a shrinking pond. The weird thing is around that time I was started to flag. It was getting later and later. Originally, I thought if it go too late I was willing to just blind out squeak into the money and go to bed, but now with this chip stack, I had second thoughts had to revise the poker strategy.

No longer was I going to saunter off to slumber, despite the micro buy-in there was a pretty nice first prize. Hell, it was a couple of buy-ins to the Beau Rivage Southern Poker Championship events. The second and third place prizes represented buy-ins to the IP Poker classic nightly events. Can't turn away free money and I was ginning.

The only problem is I had a busy day in front of me. Now with a youngster in the house, it’s not like it’s as easy as it used to be to simply catch up on sleep. Taking a night off from bedrest without a cushion of time to try and recoup some of it, probably isn’t a good idea. As I mentioned before I’ve had some car problems and I was carving out some time that day to get that seen to. What’s worse is my wife would probably find it even less of a good idea if she woke up and I was still grinding with a full schedule of thinks to do.

She gets up early to pump milk for the day, so I can feed the baby three times. Man, I have to give it to the ladies. Not only do they have to go through childbirth and all the pain that is, all the body changes before hand and afterward, the chaotic swings of hormones (though let’s be honest fellas that one might be tougher on us than them), then they got to hook themselves up to a machine four or five times a day, or to a baby.

So, as the money bubble came, there was also this interior clock, a sleep bubble if you will. If I didn’t bust soon, there was no way I was going to be able to just take in a couple of hours of sleep. Better off staying awake all night than resting for two hours. The Omaha tournament started to go south a bit for me. Perhaps I used up my run good over there.

In the No Limit hold’em run good was still running good. I was barreling over players and getting blinds and antes twice a revolution. Plus, I would whack a stack or two every now and then. Then, the online poker tournament brain kept seeing fit to move top 10 stacks onto my table. Sure they could cripple me, but I’ve long been a fan of the Hoyt Corkins way of thought. Why be scared of the players that can double you up. You want to double up, you need to double up to win tournaments.

Then the money and sleep bubbles broke. Then I grinding with my large stack until there were 8 of us left. After shedding 1492 players we went an hour at 8 players. It was a six handed tournament so we needed to lose two to get to six. Playing four handed my run good ended.

Once we reached the final table bubble, I went out one hand later in 7th. All I had to show for it, was 1/10th the money first got, a wife waking up to see me mouse clicking and it’s not quite the greeting old Saint Nick gets when kids wake up a little too early and see him round the Christmas tree. Yeah, and a night of no sleep which would only serve to wreck then week ahead of me.


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