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You want to feel insignificant and, oddly, at the same time significant?

Talk on your cell-phone much? You might not get Alzheimers.... Said the same thing about smoking at one time. Was it because all the smokers died before getting it, and all the teens talk on cell phones and all the older folks have difficulty finding the buttons and hearing the phones. Actually no. Read here for more:

George Costanza went deep at the World Series of Poker main event. Well, the actor that plays George Cosatanza, Jason Alexander did. Jason Alexander played himself playing George Costanza on this years Curb Your Enthusiasm and the character of Jason Alexander as played by Jason Alexander is slightly less likable than George and maybe just as manical and evil. Remember the Seinfled episode where George tested the mechanic on candy bars (they went to the car dealer)? Well, you can take that quiz right chere:

Jason Alexander first came to poker fame playing on Celebrity Poker. A few world series of pokers later and the guy is guaranteed camera time despite a pretty bare resume since Seinfeld. I'm not here to bash Jason Alexander, but I might suggest he head to poker school.

Top Twitter Trends...

No mention of poker, Jason Alexander, or Alzheimers, or dad's that are proctologists... (warning a little graphic)

If that isn't graphic enough for you, here's Jason Segel? Who? Seen forgetting Sarah Marshall? Seen How I met your mother? He wouldn't stoop to exploiting his celeberity status for his own gain would he? Skip to the 2:00 mark unless you like long unnecessary introductions.


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